Recently, I added Shark to my lineup of holsters and I started with the pocket holster. Here it is hanging out with my Seecamp. Shark is a beautiful – and extremely durable – exotic leather. The great thing about the Shark holster, in addition to their awesome looks, is the lining inside of the holster which will give you a much smoother draw and less holster wear on your gun over time. These are my top of the line holsters, and they are sweet!

We also have the IWB holster in Shark in the JGL lineup.

The IWB Shark holster has all the benefits of the previously mentioned pocket holster, plus one more specific to its model. Since this holster is “dual layered” I’ve innovated the belt clip to be pocketed in between those two layers, making this the thinnest leather holster possible. Normally, on a single layer holster (such as cowhide or horsehide) I add a “belt clip pocket” to the back of the holster where the belt clip is fastened and secured. This innovation allows that same belt clip to be attached without that extra bulk of the piece of leather sewn onto the holster to secure the clip. That means it’s slimmer and more streamlined, making it that much better going in an out of your waist band. The belt clip will hold it in place just as well, but there’s nothing to hang up or rub on, because the back of the holster is one solid, flat piece uninhibited by your standard belt clip pocket.

This is one truly remarkable leather, which turns into one truly remarkable holster. The JGL IWB Shark Holster. Get your gun the pants it deserves! Pocket Shark Holsters sell for $130 shipped and IWB Shark Holsters sell for $135 shipped – and as always are handmade in Palm Harbor, FL USA. Shark is currently available in black only.