You need a beefy belt. One that will last forever and stand the test of all your adventures. The JGL 1.5″ Heavy Belt is a simple and classic item that every man needs in his wardrobe. In fact, while most guys start off with the standard black, priced at just $55, you’ll also need a good brown one, plus maybe a mahogany or natural color for good measure.

These belts are made from the best American cowhide, 10 oz worth, making them about 1/4″ thick! Then we add a beautiful Stainless Steel Roller buckle along with Chicago screws (or heavy duty copper rivets if you prefer) and a hand sewn belt keeper. The screws allow you to change out the buckle should you ever need to. Plus, each belt is hand made in the USA in Palm Harbor, FL. Order yours today.

Johnston Gun Leather