This is a new holster I did as a custom order for a customer that I'm going to be adding to my lineup. I'm calling it the ITB Holster (In between the Belt). It fits in between the pants and belt as an outside the waist band holster. Not a new concept, but I think I have a nice unique design in this holster. I'm pleased with the way it turned out. This is also a lined cowhide holster, and I'm planning on offering two additional variations.

As is, lined with the rough-out on the back is $85.
Add the smooth outside layer (called the ITB Holster Pro) for $95, and
Made with the smooth outside layer on the back and Shark on the outside front (called the ITB Holster Elite) for $135

All prices include free shipping.

Pictured is the holster for a Seecamp. These can be made for any gun model in my lineup.

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