Thanks to the amazing support we've received, the iPad edition of Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals has broken into the top 25 on the iBookstore! The Apple iBookstore currently has 1,996 interactive books listed, and we are sitting at number 25 as of this morning (that puts us in the top 1.25%). Help us to keep this amazing ranking going by purchasing your copy today! Remember, our sale price of $8.99 ends on Independence Day! As a side note, Michelle Obama’s new book, “American Grown” (released after our book), is now sitting at number 32. She of course, had the benefit of White House press releases, and interviews on the major networks, but we have something better—a topic and a right that millions of Americans can agree with. Please share the news with your friends—if we break into the top ten, we should become a featured book in iTunes and the iBookstore! How cool would that be to have Apple highlight a book on concealed carry and home defense?

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