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Full Body Scan x-ray -- Coming to an airport near you

This is a discussion on Full Body Scan x-ray -- Coming to an airport near you within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Hell, if they'll allow it I'll walk buck naked through the air port. Still though, I find this to be a waste of time and ...

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Thread: Full Body Scan x-ray -- Coming to an airport near you

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    Hell, if they'll allow it I'll walk buck naked through the air port. Still though, I find this to be a waste of time and money. Just how successful are these machines? I'm certainly not the smartest person alive, but I can't imagine these things are all that hard to beat.

    I mean if druggies are able to continuously think up of new ways to hide and smuggle their stash how hard would it be for a sober, clear headed individual?

    Lastly, while I understand the fear of strangers seeing you and your loved ones naked I think it's a somewhat over exaggerated fear. The chances of lewd pictures being taken of you are far better in gyms, public restrooms, hotel rooms, etc. Fact of the matter is, if someone wants to see you naked badly enough they'll see your naughty bits eventually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    With threats in airports and large public spaces, Israel does many things right. Effective blast zones in key areas, so that a bomb threat can be shuttled off to the side to be dealt with later, out of sight, while the airport gets back to the business of moving people. Use of well-trained dogs. Use of "sniffer" equipment to detect traces of things on equipment, luggage, hands. Any number of steps can be done that will be better than the hugely disruptive methods we use here.

    In the meantime, until it's sorted out, I'll just continue to drive and enjoy the view. (At least, so long as the trip is of the west coast variety.)
    I agree, but the big problem here is going to be a cost issue. Israel has how many airports? Only 2 large international ones that I know of and what, 9 or 10 smaller domestic ports? It costs considerably less for them. To implement blast zones in all our major airports would cost a fortune, not to mention the training issue for TSA or whomever takes on security. You also have to figure that whomever they use for their security teams even if they're not current military, they were military at some point and in a war zone more or less. They all have real world experience in dealing with such issues, so they have plenty of folks that CAN do the job top notch.

    We get what we pay for. We're probably not paying top dollar so we don't always get top employees. Who would you rather working security, the no criminal record, good citizen with no prior experience that happens to pass all the checks and can pass some basic "screening" training, or former .mil or leo with actual experience in the entire broader security picture and can actually effectively evaluate an individuals threat level? Who's going to cost more and at the same time be more effective?

    In the end the only way to fix this is a fundamental change in how this country operates both fiscally and psychologically. Our elected leaders aren't going to spend our hard earned money on the things it really needs to be spent on unless they understand the error of their current thinking.

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    re: LeChuck-- this is precisely the problem

    Quote Originally Posted by LeChuck View Post
    Fact of the matter is, if someone wants to see you naked badly enough they'll see your naughty bits eventually.
    What you wrote is precisely the problem with the airport scan machines.

    It is inevitable that images will be stored or captured in some fashion and enhanced and used not in a personal way against you, but as a means of making money for the porn and child porn industry.

    Every teen age girl or younger adult woman who gets on a plane will be at risk of finding pictures of their naked body published on the web.

    And scoundrels will put faces on the pics as well; perhaps pics of the naked person.

    If you think it is OK for your daughter to pose nude for Playboy, then these machines are OK. If you prefer that she at least get paid for posing nude, then these machines are a guaranteed way to steal something of value-- her image-- and make money off it without compensating.

    The whole idea stinks. It is only a matter of time before criminals find the vulnerability that allows them to do what they want.

    No one is going to make commercial use of an image of my 67 year old body, but I sure wouldn't want to be a 12-30 yo female going through one of those things.

    That images get taken illicitly in hotels sometimes, or that BGs sometimes manage to get inappropriate images without consent in other aspects of our daily life (locker rooms), doesn't mean we should make yet another option for their criminal conduct available.

    Also, because capturing images from these scanners would involve some high tech and some organized crime, the images are likely to become much more widely disseminated than ones taken by Pervert Sam the hotel maintenance man.

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    I personally could care less if someone is looking at me in my birthdays suit with one of these scanners , if it helps us be safer when flying and speeds up security. But if i had a daughter i would be a little nervous about this when traveling. There's always wierdos tryin to get their rocks off on stuff like this. Though the security officers manning these screeners are a higher rank/grade and more experienced then the ones looking through your luggage.

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    Not a problem; I don't fly anymore. With the crap the airlines and TSA are doing now, they can all go broke and out of businees for all I care. There's nowhere I need to go I can't drive in one day.
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