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LEO .45 ACP Question?

This is a discussion on LEO .45 ACP Question? within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Kinda reminds me of "Tack" (Tacklberry) from Police Acadamy......... I get tired of carrying a full sized Ruger around...... I cant even FATHOM carrying a ...

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Thread: LEO .45 ACP Question?

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    Kinda reminds me of "Tack" (Tacklberry) from Police Acadamy......... I get tired of carrying a full sized Ruger around...... I cant even FATHOM carrying a 454, 480, 500...... whatever....... around. Plus, with a gun like that, you GOTTA have the scope and laser...... You just would not be cool without it!!

    Ok, thread wise....... I think we have been down the .45 V xxx compaison many times........ but I think Sixto was exactly correct. Police departments have a budget, and most are appointed positions (chief) who have to report to the Mayor. As long as they can give you a viable weapon that holds up, is reasonable to shoot, and useable by the largest majority of officers...... THAT is what your gonna get...... Course you do have the gun nut that slips in and you all get SIGs, MP5's, and 416 Barrets for your cars!!! LMAO!!
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    My Nieboring County, Started with the G-20 & changed to a G-21, So the Holsters would fit, & they just went to the New G-21 with Gold Engravement & My brother got a little under 5 years left in the DROP, Gets to Keep Gun ; ) PS & A little nest egg too boot!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScotWarrior View Post
    not my quote, that was some texas ranger's answer, many years ago. you can't everything said as a literal example - everyone has a preference; 9mm, .357 sig, .40sw, .45, whatever. i'm in the .45 camp. the round is low pressure, recoil isn't terrible, it's very accurate, and 230 grains at 900 fps is a very potent greeting.

    departments tend to carry full size more often than not, so while it may not be as fun in a small frame, the size and mass of large autos makes firing the .45 far more controllable than people like to believe. apart from that, marksmanship is key; it doesn't matter how fast the bullet, mild or harsh the recoil, energy transferred, etc., can be accomplished if you can't accurately put lead on target.
    Well said sir!

    When you watch a number of smaller officers try to qualify with compact/sub-compact .40S&W handguns, and not making the qualification score time after time, you might get an appreciation for "one size fits all" is not a solution, dealing with recoil (officers in these parts don't practice other than 1-2x/year when paid to do so), that 10 rds put on target is much better than 17 rds all over the place, etc.

    When our PD was planning on switching guns, they also had a stockpile of .40S&W ammo, intended to go with the .40 . . . until myself and few others suggested that they get a T&E .40 and T&E .45 and let the officers shoot both to determine which is better. Accuracy and comfort went across the board to the .45 and that made the smart (IMNSHO) decision for them.

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    Texas DPS had, i believe, P220s in 45ACP. They had to fire at a man in the cab of an 18 wheeler. One Trooper had a .357sig. The .45s never made it thru the Cab, the .357sig did and "stopped" the man. They switch to .357sig.
    There is a video you've probably have seen. A DPS Trooper with several people on a traffic stop. one drew a gun, the Trooper did this weird contortion while running to avoid getting shot. then he return fire and hit one of them (suspect was off camera) and then while the Trooper was in his car radioing for help. He saw in the rear view a bad guy sneaking up on the car, the Trooper shot him dead also. I believe he had a P220 at the time. So the .45 will get the job done. I wonder if 200 grain +p would get thru the door of a car???

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    Quote Originally Posted by lwdaniel View Post
    I wonder if 200 grain +p would get thru the door of a car???
    Yes it will.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Yes it will.
    From experience, I'll second that.
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    with authority, at that.
    "Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined" ~Patrick Henry

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