air marshall's completely useless?

air marshall's completely useless?

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    air marshall's completely useless?

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    I see his point, but I wonder how much he's personally spent on life insurance without ever having died? I dunno, he may be right that the money should be spent elsewhere, but he's wrong that we are spending 200mil per arrest. You can't tell me the Air Marshal's existence causes complications for would be terrorists and likely prevents attempts before they ever get to a plane. Even if the Al Qaida types won't be deterred (and they probably are), some of the homegrown solo-acting nutjobs will be deterred. Hard to quantify that which was prevented from happening in the first place.
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    A terrorist who manages to board a plane with his preparations intact will only be stopped by two things: a failed execution of the plan, or a successful execution of him. He's not going to be concerned with anything else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stanley75 View Post
    This guy apparently does not understand you cannot use arrest statistics to quantify an agency that does Force Protection as opposed to traditional law enforcement. FAM's primary mission is not to make arrests. It is to prevent attacks and, should they take place, neutralize the attacker. That is why they are not classified in the federal job series codes as "Criminal Investigators". That is not their job.
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    I think you need to look at his motivation. Does a weaker, damaged US improve his position? Likely the answer is yes.

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    It is very possible that the 860 Million was well worth it. If we are only having 4 arrests per day. That's a lot better than having four planes hijacked on a single morning. You can't use arrest statistics to judge the usefulness of an agency, you don't count the numbers of events that did not take place because they were there. I don't fly as much as I did when I was still working, but now days when I fly, I feel better knowing that they are on board.

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    I have to say i am in the camp of too expensive. I believe we should keep an air marshall service for deterrent value and keep some international flights, but "patrolling the skys" is horribly inefficient.

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    Would he want to be on the ONE airplane without an Air Marshall... when someone jumps up and shouts to ALLAH ? Ask him, what that's worth ?

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    I'd rather "waste" money on Air Marshalls than alot of other things I'm sure this individual has voted in favor of spending money on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gogriz91 View Post
    I'd rather "waste" money on Air Marshalls than alot of other things I'm sure this individual has voted in favor of spending money on.

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    The easiest thing to do would be to let people who lawfully/legally carry a CCW do so everywhere...Airplanes included. That would throw a monkey wrench in there plans! There would be NO free fire zones. I know it'll never happen but imagine if a person or 2 had been packing on the AC involved that sad day in Sept!...We would be making jokes about dumb terrorist bring a knife to a gun fight instead of living the gaggle we now have at airport!
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    I think we should use the money to educate people on how to use turn signals and if driving slow to move to the right hand lane.

    I'm just saying!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nutz4utwo View Post

    The first and best line of defense are the people.
    I'm with you. I think the stage has changed since 9/11. I believe a plane full of people, unarmed, will be as effective or even more effective than one air marshal. A terrorist wouldn't stand a chance on a plane full of Americans today.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pete14 View Post
    I think we should use the money to educate people on how to use turn signals and if driving slow to move to the right hand lane.

    I'm just saying!

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    He's probably concerned that the expense of the Air Marshal Service is cutting into his congressional pay raises.

    Sounds like it's time for him to begin a new career--outside of politics. Obviously he's no longer concerned with the wishes and desires of the people!

    So listen to this, Congressman:
    I want air marshals on every plane. More than one where possible.
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