#2 Son Graduated Navy Basic Yesterday!

#2 Son Graduated Navy Basic Yesterday!

This is a discussion on #2 Son Graduated Navy Basic Yesterday! within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I just got back from Chicago and had to post. My #2 son graduated from Navy Basic yesterday and he held RPOC. It was an ...

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Thread: #2 Son Graduated Navy Basic Yesterday!

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    #2 Son Graduated Navy Basic Yesterday!

    I just got back from Chicago and had to post. My #2 son graduated from Navy Basic yesterday and he held RPOC. It was an amazing, emotional ceremony - Navy does it right! He's off to Pensacola for A School and hopes he can finish via the "accelerated" route (rank is the carrot).

    #1 will go to Tampa for MEPS as soon as he can schedule two consecutive days off (going for OCS with Navy or Army).
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    Tell him congratulations for us!

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    So tell me, how do your sons like knowing their ranking? Are the ranks set, or can your second favorite work his way up to #1?

    All joking aside, congrats on having two kids headed for success. I wish them both the best in their endeavors.

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    That's great! Congratulations!!!
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    Awesome! Tell him thank you from me!
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    Awesome and congrats. its a great feeling to graduate basic training and its even better when you have proud family members. tell him thank you for me.
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    Congrats! I'm a #1 son, only because I was the first born!

    You have a right to be proud, as do they! Stay safe!

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    Congratulations, I wish him fair winds and following seas.

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    Tell him Congrats from a 22 year NAVY Vet (Ret)......

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    Congratulations from another Navy Vet - retired.

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    Congrats from a Navy Vet here!

    I assume that since his A school is in Pensacola that he is an Airdale? What is his rate? And, when he graduates, is he going to be a "Push Button" PO3? (Does he automatically attain the rank of E-4 upon graduation?)
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    An Outstanding, Squared Away Young Sailor!

    Sounds like he's going into aviation...
    Semper Fi

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    Certainly something to be very proud of...congrats!
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    Tell him Congrats from this Air Force Vet here.

    #2 means 2nd Born, not ranking as far as favorite. Charlie Chan use to refer to all his kids that way.
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    congrats to both, and welcome them both to the family.

    too bad no 2 isn't army too, but i guess we can't all be perfect, huh? :)

    the fun is only beginning, and i'm proud for you and them. congrats again!
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