I just got this thru the VA intranet. I'm not posting it to elicit arguments, or rants.

Please just take this as info and vent opinions in another thread

Fact Sheet 16-14
April 2010
Information for Veterans about Health Care Reform

Many Veterans have questions about the new health care reform law. The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) offers the following information about the law and its impact on Veterans. This document addresses only the most pressing questions that have been raised. VHA will provide additional information about the new law as it is developed.

Impact .....

Nothing in the new law changes anything about VA health care

The law contains many complex provisions, including many reforms to the practices of the health insurance industry.
Nothing in the new law changes anything about the Veterans’ health care program.
Enrolled Veterans may still rely on VHA for their health care in the same manner as before the law.

Beginning in 2014, everyone will be required to have health care coverage

The law requires that every individual must have some form of health care coverage.
The coverage must meet a minimum standard so that everyone will be able to have a minimum level of care.
Congress wrote into the law a provision that says the Veterans’ health care program, administered by VHA, meets the standard for health care coverage.

Enrolled Veterans do not have to purchase additional coverage

Because the Veterans’ health care program meets the standard under the law, Veterans enrolled in the VA health care program do not need to obtain additional health care coverage.
Veterans may continue to purchase additional coverage if they wish, but the law does not require them to do so.