A Living MOH winner might be in the making

A Living MOH winner might be in the making

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Thread: A Living MOH winner might be in the making

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    A Living MOH winner might be in the making

    AP Source: Living soldier could get Medal of Honor

    WASHINGTON – The military has sent the White House a recommendation to award the Medal of Honor to a soldier for bravery in Afghanistan, which could make him the first living recipient since the Vietnam War.

    The Army soldier ran through a hail of enemy fire to repel Taliban fighters in a 2007 battle, saving the lives of a half dozen other men, two U.S. officials said Wednesday. They declined to name the soldier and spoke on condition of anonymity because he is still under consideration for the honor.

    There is concern, officials say that early disclosure could place political pressure on President Barack Obama to approve the medal or could cause embarrassment for the soldier if it's not approved.

    The nation's highest award for valor has been awarded only six times in the nine years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq — and all were awarded posthumously.

    That small number has prompted member of Congress to ask the Pentagon to examine its policy for awarding the medal, a process that can take years and involves several reviews up the chain of command.

    Officials have said it's hard to compare the number awarded since the 2001 start of the Afghanistan invasion with the hundreds awarded in World War II and Vietnam because warfare has evolved so much in recent decades.

    Those earlier wars frequently involved close conflict with an organized enemy formation, for instance, while today's fighting is against non-uniformed insurgents who use remotely detonated roadside bombs, suicide bombers, sniper attacks and other tactics that avoid the risk of engaging personally with U.S. forces.
    The hard thing is not getting a MOH but living to tell the tale
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    Yeah...my opinions on the article are probably best reserved for Conservative Stronghold....
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    I typed out a rant, but it takes away from the OP. I hope this Soldier recieves the award he deserves.
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    It would be nice to have a few MOH winners walking around among us, as in the old days!
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    It's hard to believe that in nine years of war, and on two fronts, there are no living MOH recipients.
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    Does it take longer to get a MOH (or any medal) now than it used to? 3 years seems a bit excessive.
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    Here is another link talking about this Soldier and his actions..173rd Airborne soldier recommended for MoH - Army News, news from Iraq, - Army Times

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    Quote Originally Posted by paramedic70002 View Post
    Does it take longer to get a MOH (or any medal) now than it used to? 3 years seems a bit excessive.
    No, The MOH goes through multiple levels of red tape, interviews, verifacation ect so as to not lessen the meaning of the award. there are many awards that are either automatic or can be recommended and awarded on the same day. It just depends on the level of the award. Some MOH recipiants don't recieve the awards for years or even centuries in extreme circumstances.
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    The individual is a paratrooper from B Co. 2/503 173d Airborne Brigade. I can't remember the spelling of his last name(it begins with a "G" and his first name is Sal). Hopefully, I can dig it up. The account is supposed to be in the Sebastian Junger book "War", about his time imbedded with the Herd in Afghanistan in 2007(?).
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