Double mag pouch question.

Double mag pouch question.

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Thread: Double mag pouch question.

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    Double mag pouch question.

    Hey all. I was at the range all weekend for my annual qual. We switched from the B27 to the NRA TQ19 target. Also this year there was some movement drills in the course of fire. We also do some reloads and malfunction clearing. I had a couple hiccups with my G17 Gen 4 nothing major, a double feed and a fail to fire. We were using american eagle ammo I believe. Did my clearing techniques, no problem the weekend was a success.

    Now to my question...

    We did some reloads, and we did some timed shooting drills, I then came online and was watching some Team Glock shooters. Dave S, Randi ?, and Jesse Abatte. All very good fast shooters. I noticed that they were not wearing covered mag holders. Made me think about how much time I personally have involved in a reload. As a LEO on the job what is the preferred mag pouch here.

    I carry a covered double, now horizontal strong side in front of holster. (was vert on support side, ran into issues with OC spray being so close I popped that cover instead of mags.) Really think that I may save a couple split seconds if I don't have to mess with flaps.


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    My EDC's are either G26 or G19... I carry "double" mag pouch, weak side, 9 o'clock, vertical, NOT covered, ammo pointing toward belt buckle. Very easy for tactical or emergency reloads and have NO retention probs whatsoever (no problems keeping mags in mag pouch) even during heavy movement. I am NOT a LEO... JMO
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    When I was an LEO I used the exact set up you do. The flaps do require extra time for reloading. However rest assured that without them, sooner orlater you would run into someone willing to try pulling one free. Some of the guys I worked with did carry flapless, but vertical at about 11:00 position bullets down.
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    My pouch has a flap and I never had a problem with it. I carry mines horizontal at 1:00 (weak side) with my flap opening on the right side and my bullets facing downwards.
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    11 years using pouches with flaps, never a problem or issue. There is a HUGE difference between law enforcement and competition shooters. You don't see comp shooters with double or triple retention holsters either.

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    Its better to have covered pouches in uniformed Police work,if your running after or fighting a suspect it could cause your mags to come out
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