Freedom of photography???

Freedom of photography???

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Thread: Freedom of photography???

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    Question Freedom of photography???

    "Freedom of photography: Police, security often clamp down despite public right"

    Courts have long ruled that the First Amendment protects the right of citizens to take photographs in public places. Even after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, law enforcement agencies have reiterated that right in official policies.

    But in practice, those rules don't always filter down to police officers
    Law enforcement officials have a hard time explaining the gap between policy and practice. The disconnect, legal experts say, may stem from a dearth of guidelines about how to balance security concerns with civil liberties.
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    Like they say, if you are in a public place photographing something in plain view from that place there is no expectation of privacy. During the beltway sniper case we had problems with the media putting cameras on poles and shooting in the windows at headquarters and some of the office space next door we had leased for the task force.
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    Many museums and churches have 'No Photo's' signs.

    Posting of 'No Parking', 'No Smoking', and 'No Firearms' signs is common and a reasonable person would expect to see a 'No Photo' sign in areas were photography is Prohibited.

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    Yes, a person has every right to do so, particularly public acts in public spaces, such as the work of publicly-paid servants when engaging with citizens. Of course, officialdom has often disliked that fact, taking pains to punish citizens for daring to record their words and actions for all to see/hear. It has always amazed me how many states allow police to forcibly halt recordings and/or photography, let alone uphold legal charges or action against people for recording public business conducted in a public space. Oregon is one of these wonderful places. Even if the recording were done in a private space, at best the only thing that should be allowed (IMO) is the owner requesting that such a person leaves the premises. Under no circumstances can I see recording being held as a threat or impediment of any sort to normal actions by police, administrators or other publicly-paid people. And yet, such laws and instances of forcible halting of recording exist and occur.

    Just as nobody has cause to fear harm from an upstanding citizen carrying a defensive firearm, no upstanding publicly-paid official has any cause to fear the recording of his/her public words or actions at any time under any circumstances. It is only the criminals that have legitimate cause to fear such things. Makes you wonder why so many states criminalize such reasonable (recording) behavior by citizens. No surprise, as widespread as criminal actions are these days.
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