LEO-S/O' what is your strangest story of something that a suspect did in your custody

LEO-S/O' what is your strangest story of something that a suspect did in your custody

This is a discussion on LEO-S/O' what is your strangest story of something that a suspect did in your custody within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; What is the strangest thing a suspect has ever done to either end up in your custody or while in your custody. LEO's, LP guys, ...

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Thread: LEO-S/O' what is your strangest story of something that a suspect did in your custody

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    LEO-S/O' what is your strangest story of something that a suspect did in your custody

    What is the strangest thing a suspect has ever done to either end up in your custody or while in your custody. LEO's, LP guys, and Security Officers join in on this. I'll start. I arrested a guy at work for trespassing and assault. I cuffed him up and he said, and I quote, Man let me go, i work for the post office, and I was just trying to give him a letter.

    This was at 3 am
    He said this, after I caught him assaulting someone in the parking lot that was secured by a gated fence that he climbed over before I got back from another site check and pulled up just to see him drop down and swing on an employee. He had also been drinking and only had two beers, but according to him he was not lying about his drinking because I said how many beers you had tonight and he had been drinking whiskey since the day before. This was all also captured on camera.
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    I arrested a woman for causing a disturbance in a local bar. She had been through this routine before. We were holding her in a holding area waiting for the matron to come and search her so we could put her in the cell.
    She kept complaining that she wanted to get in the cell and go to sleep. She had been told that as soon as she was searched we would transfer her.
    She was making a ruckess and I went to she what the problem was and there she was totaly nude saying " I told you I have nothing on me and Now I want to go to the cell and get some sleep''. The shift commander authorized her to be transferred without being searched.

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    Once when I was working downtown between 50 and 60 people on bicycles dressedup in costumes (Chicken suits, clows, jesters,werewolves) road their bikes to the top of the parking garage I was working in and then back down. This happened in December not Halloween

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    This was back in the late 60's down in Pasco County Florida. There were two of us riding together as part of my break in period in the county and in a marked squad car. Driving along a back road we were passed by this VW bus, painted in psychedelic colors and driven by a long haired bearded character. My partner remarked as the guy passed us, something about hippies but we let him go on by since he wasn't speeding and had passed correctly.
    On down the road we spotted the VW pulled off the side of the road and thought maybe the guy had a mechanical problem so we slowed and pulled up behind him and parked. On getting out we observed the driver walking back into the woods and carrying a bag of what we thought was fertilizer and a five gallon bucket of something. We discreetly followed him for a bit and he finally stopped and put down his load and kind of looked around. We walked up on him and found we were in the middle of a nice little garden in the woods. We spoke to the guy and asked for hands on head and cuffed him successfully and were amazed at finding about 100 or so plants and a nice hose watering system and a few garden tools laying around.
    When questioned the guy admitted he knew he had passed us but didn't seem concerned by a squad with two deps in it which would then have been following him. He was unusually calm about the whole thing and knew he'd been busted and accepted it matter of factly. We called backup to come and document the operation and remove the plants and took the guy back to the squad, put him in the back and waited for backup to arrive to process the scene.
    To this day I've never been able to figure out his thinking but figured he was just too stoned at the time to think correctly. You just never know what you're gonna find out there.....

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    This doesn't exactly fit the guidelines, as it was actions by a cadet and what a suspect said, but I thought some would get a kick out of it.

    We had cadets from the academy assigned to work in the field on the weekends. Either a two man car was split and a cadet put in each one of if an odd number the cadet rode third man. We (partner and I) wound up with a cadet riding as third man in the back seat. I'm driving, partner is booking.

    Befor we even leave the station the cadet is complaining that he rode the previous night and there was not much action. I asked the cadet if he had advised the previous nights crew of what type of activity he wanted to be involved in. He looked puzzeled and responded, "No". I told him you have to tell us what you want to be involved in if we are to find it for you. Again a puzzled look and, "I didn't know that.". I responded, "What do you want to get in to.". He resonded, " I'd like to get in a pursuit.". Me, "OK".

    We turn out of the station and a robbery broadcast of a robbery at a nearby mom & pop market comes out with a susp and veh description. In about two blocks a car passes us going the other way with the veh and driver matching the susp description. I filp a huey and hit the lights. He takes off and away we go. The pursuit goes about two minutes and we wind up in a residential area. The susp makes a sliding right and kills the engine. I pull past him and block his path with our unit. In the mean time he restarts the engine and rams the rear quarter of our unit. The susp, my partner and I bail out simultaneously and the susp rabbits with me after him and my partner following. After a three block foot pursuit I catch and tackle him and get him cuffed just as my partner catchs up. We walk him back to the unit, where the cadet is still trying to get out of our unit. The back doors did not open from the inside, so he either had to roll the window down and open the door from the outside or climb over the front seat (this was befor cages) to get out.

    We secure the susp and find a bag of cash and a gun in the susp's vehicle. I tell the cadet that I am disappointed in his performance. My partner and I go out and find a pursuit and an armed robber for him to be involved in and he does not even get out of the unit. That did not seem very appreciative of our efforts on his behalf. The susp hears our conversation and remarks, "I got busted so a rookie could see how you do it ?"

    The following weekend we have more cadets. At briefing, several ask if they can ride with Gloves and Mac as they will find what ever the cadet wishes to be involved in. The whole briefing room busted up. Apparently the original cadet had gone back to the academy and spread the word that when he rode with us he just requested the type of activity he wanted to be inolved in and we found it for him.

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    That is funny Guantes
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    Back in the middle 70's I had just gone on a south Florida municipal police department coming here from from Maryland. I was riding with a training officer in a marked unit when we pulled up next to a car stopped at a traffic light in the middle of the day. Two young men were passing a joint back and forth to each other in the front seat as my partner and I sat and watched them. The light turned green and they just sat there smoking their doobie. We got out of our vehicle walked to both sides of the car and tapped on the windows, got their attention and told them to wind their windows down ( they had them up to keep the smoke in). They complied and we got them outside , cuffed them and put them in the back of our car, called for a tow truck and took them to the station. The whole time they were totally cool about the arrest (maybe because they were stoned on their donkeys) and because they were local were released on their own recog.
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    Whoa! Flashback to a Cheech and Chong movie!
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    One night, DPS picked up a driver and a UDA (undocumented alien) and two UDAs got away in the desert. Some of our guys picked up one and when my partner and I got to work the next morning, we immediately got sent to pick up the fourth guy as he had been spotted on the side of the highway. We went and talked to him and he said he didn't speak English. We are both white but my Spanish is good.

    We took him back to the station and started processing him and he kept acting like he couldn't understand me or anyone else in the room in Spanish or English (everyone was white). A Hispanic supervisor came in and started talking to him in Spanish and he responded in perfect English. He had been living here illegally for the past twelve years and was only in Mexico to visit his daughter.

    Then he started having withdrawals from heroin and the EMT agent sent him to the hospital. We always referred to him as "Heroin Joe."
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    keep em coming gentlemen and ladies
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    Slightly off topic. (EMS) Had a lady who was shaking uncontrollably. Story was she had been to dinner and had a couple beers but nothing else. Uh-huh OK. Then we get a list of her meds. I won't go into the details but she seemed to be having a 'serotonin storm.' As we were getting her onto the stretcher her boyfriend advises us that they had smoked a joint.

    I ask, "Anything else?"

    He says, "No man we don't do that other stuff, we're Republicans!"
    An LEO friend told once he and another LEO spotted a man who had a warrant for some minor crime. The guy runs, they chase. Eventually they find him hiding in a trash can. When they pull him out he says, "I know why you were chasing me. It was because we killed_______. Did you get________? He was with me when we did it."
    I caught a guy trying to steal a candy bar when I was Security. When the LEO showed up to transport him to the Magistrate, they found out he had Felony warrants and asked me to forget the Petty Larceny. Fine, whatever. As we were walking out, he sticks out his cuffed hand and tries to get the candy bar from me. I asked him what he was doing. "Well I stole it, don't I get to keep it?"
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    i really don't think any of us can top that one....
    "The value you put on the lost will be determined by the sacrifice you are willing to make to seek them until they are found."

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    So, the strangest thing an arrestee did with me was die
    I bet that occupied the rest of the shift eh?

    The strangest thing I have had was a guy that was arrested for public intoxication at a party where he got stupid and someone called the law.
    This guy was so drunk that he couldn't even really walk. He stunk, he was stupid and I was not thrilled as I generally have a low tolerance for stupid drunks that aren't smart enough to shut up.

    I cuffed and stuffed him and made the 20 mile ride back to the jail. He was OK though, he got in the back, layed down and passed out nice and quiet like.

    I got about half way to the jail and he starts puking. I don't mean little pukes, I mean projectile vomiting, and doing it in a manner that almost made me sick. The smell was horrendous enough that I literally had to hang my head out the window to keep from puking myself.

    I did not understand the severity of it until I got him in the sally-port where we drop off the prisoners. Up till then it was dark, and the sally-port was really well lit. As I pulled him out of the car, he slid out and landed on the concrete where he puked right on the inside of the door and all over the rear quarter panel. He had puked so hard while en-route that it had covered the ceiling, the entire rear rear seat, and even doused the lexan barrier(thank God for that or he would have sprayed me in the back of the head). The guy must have been an alcoholic because it appeared to be laced with blood.

    It was terrible and the car was unihabitable... for me anyway because I was not about to get back in it. It was a biological hazard...blood and puke.

    We got a couple of trustees and they hosed the car out and cleaned it up. I got another car and used it for the rest of the shift. Up till then, I had no idea that a drunk could puke that much liquid and blood and still live.

    I still get kidded about it by the Jailers. When they hear I am enroute with a drunk they'll ask if I need to have a couple of trustees on standby.
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    I have worked as a probation and parole officer for 7 of the 10 years of my career. The three years in between I was a forensic investigator for our State Medical Examiner.

    While working as a parole officer, about three days before Christmas, I was low man on the totem pole and the two senior officers were on vacation. We had scheduled report days during the month. I was covering my report day and one of the other officers. I treated it like an assembly line. I had three at a time step up to the counter with their monthly written reports filled out. I scanned each one for changes and/or problems. I picked one at random every so often to drug test and kept on trucking. No problems all three were released to go, etc. Three new guys step up, and one on the end to my left is noticeably swaying. I lean in just a little and take a good whiff. He smells like a brewery. I release the others, and take him back to a private area. I told him I knew he had been drinking and he needed to admit to it. If he did, I would be in the holiday spirit and let his "old lady" drive him home. He flat refused. I pulled out the PBT and sure enough, .208 BAC. I cuffed him and called local LE for transport to the local jail. Their station is literally across the street. They were all tied up on calls. I called around and finally found a State Trooper not busy. He came to the office and asked me what I needed. I advised him that Mr. Doe could not seem to quit drinking. He said, "send him to rehab". I said lean over and smell. The trooper went nuts. "You came in to your parole office drunk....You sir are an idiot!. I will gladly take you to jail so you dont keep spreading stupid around." So Mr. Doe went to jail three days before Christmas for quite a long stay, after the parole revocation.

    As a Forensic Investigator, I worked a case in the middle of winter, in the high country of WV. Winters can be especially brutal in that part of the state. This man was working as a contractor on a top secret government installation, installing fiber optic cables for his brothers company. Through an unfortunate incident, he was electrocuted. All work related deaths are required to have an autopsy. The man came in wearing typical winter wear. A wool hat, boots, Carhartt bibs and coat , heavy gloves, etc. The autopsy assistants and pathologist called for my assistance to look at something on the man in the autopsy suite. I went in and the man's body had been stripped of his clothes, down to his underwear...his womens underwear. A pink bra and matching panties. His toe nails were painted to match and he was shaved clean as a whistle from neck to ankle. What a way to go. You never know when your number is coming up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by INccwchris View Post
    i really don't think any of us can top that one....
    There is at least one of us here that can; I don't know if he will post the story or not though.
    "Just blame Sixto"

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