Airmen, and Sailors please answer me this

Airmen, and Sailors please answer me this

This is a discussion on Airmen, and Sailors please answer me this within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have a bit of a strange question for you, but all my posts are I guess LOL, You know how we say HOOAH, Marines ...

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Thread: Airmen, and Sailors please answer me this

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    Airmen, and Sailors please answer me this

    I have a bit of a strange question for you, but all my posts are I guess LOL, You know how we say HOOAH, Marines say OO-RAH.

    What do you guys (Airforce, Navy, Coast Guard) say?

    Like I said, a strange question. But I was just a little curious. My Airforce buddy didn't know and I don't know anyone in the other services. Thanks guys

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    The AF doesn't really have a saying like Hooah/Oorah, (I was in the Air Guard and got to serve with AD AF) and I never said Hooah while in the Army, it just sounded so uneducated and stupid to me. Some bright General tried to have everyone use "AIRPOWER!" about 6-7 years ago, but it lasted about a day...
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    I can't post anything that we said in the Coast Guard here
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    We tended to speak normal English in the Air Force...
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    I cant stand Hooah, At BCT when a Private says Hooah to a DS that asked him to do something, 80 percent of the time the Private does it incorrectly and gets smoked
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    The only thing I remember when standing ready crew in the Coast Guard was when the whoopie went off at 3 am in a typhoon and the ready helo was launched for a pick up 90 miles off shore.

    Uh oh.

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    sailors say ... "YOOOO HOOOOO ....... SEAMAN" (I'm sorry ... I just had to)
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    When we landed it was “We need to go to command post then billeting and where’s the club”.
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    The only time we said HOOAH in the airforce was when training with the army. i asked my cadre what it meant he said it is spelt HUA and it is an acronym for Heard, Understood, Acknowleged. not sure how much truth that holds but hey, it works.
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    The navy uses pirate slang. Sort of an unintelligible growling sound pronounced.... A R G H.... short for ARGH matey.
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    I feel like a real geezer. Back when I was in the Army, we didn't say HOOHAH or OORAH. (They both sound kinda dumb to me). In the 101st Airborne, in the days before they became airmobile instead of airborne--that is jumped out of perfectly good airplanes--we use to just yell "AIRBORNE" all the time in response to anything. When enlisted saluted an officer, they said "Airborne" and the officer's reply was "All The Way". Makes more sense than the gutteral unintelligble noises the Marines made. Now the Army is making gutteral unintellible sounds too!
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    When I first went in (Jan 1991), the only folks saying hooah were the Rangers. Like many things that start in one group and migrate into others (and take on "new" meanings as they go), it seems the rest of the Army eventually began copying the Rangers (black beret, anyone?). And my favorite story about the term's origin is this:

    On Normandy Beach on D-Day, there were (obviously) some areas where the troops were having severe difficulties moving off the beaches. In one of these stretches, a General from the 29th Infantry was moving about, trying to encourage the soldiers that he encountered to move forward. Being caught in withering crossfire as they were, this sort of motivation was difficult to instill in most of the troops...

    At one point the General found himself behind a small obstacle with a group of three or four privates. "Who are you guys?" the General asked.

    "We're Rangers, sir!" the troops replied.

    "Well, Rangers," the General bellowed, "Lead the Way!"

    To this, the Rangers replied, "Who, us?"

    And thus - hooah was born.

    ETA: I guess it helps to know that "Rangers Lead the Way" is what one says when rendering the hand salute, and "All the Way" is what's said when returning it, and Rangers Lead the Way is the motto of the Ranger Regiment and Ranger Training Brigade...
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    From what I heard in my 15 yrs. in the Navy, it's "Hooyah!". But for the Individual Augmentee sailors who are helping out the Army in security operations, they are adopting the Army's "Hooah!".

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