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    Good Trooper

    NC has been in the media lately for some of the antics of a very few troopers and command staff but I for one believe that these are the stories that get passed over by the media because there is no scandal, just a good person looking out for others.

    Trooper Rescues 3 Children From Abuse
    A Johnston County State Trooper is being credited with helping rescue three children as they were allegedly being abused while traveling in a car on Interstate 40. The children, ages 8, 12, and 14, were in the back seat of a car Aug. 7 returning to Maryland from a trip to Myrtle Beach with their father and step-mother.

    The 14 year-old began texting her mother in Maryland claiming her step-mother attempted to break her leg, had punched her younger brother in the face causing a black eye, and her father was pulling her hair, authorities said.

    The mother contacted the NC Highway Patrol and dispatchers had the girl to text them directly with the passing mile marker numbers, all without alerting the adults in the front seat.

    Trooper Jack Thorpe stopped the car on I-40 near the Johnston-Sampson County line. Trooper Thorpe said the children had visible injuries and when Johnston County social workers refused to accept temporary custody of the children, he received permission from their mother in Maryland to take them to his home. Trooper Thorpe, who was just ending his shift, took the 3 children home in his patrol car where they played with his children, jumped on the trampoline, played video games and fished. His wife fixed tacos for everyone.

    Trooper Thorpe said he fell in love with the youngsters before they left. Their mother arrived at his house about 12 hours later but not before an exchange of phone numbers and email addresses. Trooper Thorpe said he plans to stay in touch and may visit them in Maryland later this year. Because authorities could not verify the jurisdiction the alleged abuse took place, the father and stepmother were not charged.
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    What a great story and great Trooper!

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    What the trooper did was amazing. But what I think is totally crazy is when they say “Because authorities could not verify the jurisdiction the alleged abuse took place, the father and stepmother were not charged.
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    I have actually met Trooper Thorpe. He assisted me with a minor car accident several years ago near the Dunn exit on I-95 (I used to live in Lillington - Harnett Co.). He was nothing but a professional and showed his passion and dedication for his profession.
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    Too bad those bad parents couldn't be charged.....or resisted.

    Bravo Zulu on the 14 yo and her mother for getting help......and God Bless that Maryland trooper! That was a great ending to a bad story.

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    Great Job Trooper Thorpe, As others said (THE SYSTEM SUCKS) ; )
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    Great job by the trooper and thank God for texting and smart kids.
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    So they can't charge them in State court,how about federal court,something is broke in the world
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    Most Troopers and LEO's in general are good people. It's just that the bad few take all the headlines!
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    And what is up with social services not doing their job???????????
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    I don't think social services are really for the kids. Or that is what it seems.

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