So much negative news about dogs

So much negative news about dogs

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Thread: So much negative news about dogs

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    So much negative news about dogs

    Here's something to be proud of.

    "Everybody's got a plan, 'til they get hit".

    Mike Tyson

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    Nice find! Love dogs. Man's best friend. I enjoyed the video and passed it on.
    So much negative news about dogs
    News and negativity are human related. If a dog has become a bad dog...that's human related. Each and every dog of domestic breed has a good soul. The unconditional love a dog will give is unsurpassed by any other living creature on this earth. Those whom would mistreat a dog gamble with their own fate. Those whom have created monsters out of dogs have a special place to visit upon their demise. All dogs go to heaven.

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    That is Ram Rod Right. I just sent my Husky across the Rainbow Bridge on Thursday. Dogs don't know wrong, only what they are taught. If they all go to heaven and if I make it, I'll be mobbed:)
    Its a shame that youth is wasted on the young.

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    Really Cool!!!!!!.
    I would rather die with good men than hide with cowards
    If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans
    Don't ever think that the reason I'm peaceful is because I don't know how to be violent

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    Thanks! Great video- sure made me cry (as Hunter comes up and give me his unending kisses). (Hunter=2 y.o. Springer)
    "Good decisions come from experience;
    experience comes from bad decisions"

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    I love dogs anyway, and this is a great vid.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    That was awesome. Thank you.

    Been looking for a Shepard pup for a few weeks now.

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    That was great. I worked with quite a few of my fellow Security Officers who were K-9 Handlers. Just awesome dogs all the way around.
    "I dislike death, however, there are some things I dislike more than death. Therefore, there are times when I will not avoid danger" Mencius"

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    Excellent post, and one of the reasons I cringe when people say... "they're just animals".

    When is the last time a cat sniffed out a bomb, tracked a lost person, warned of a hiding threat, rescued and found those in the rubble of a building downed by a bomb or an earthquake, took a bullet defending their handler , or found a body for the police, or tacked a bad guy for them ? What other animal has helped the blind cross a street, a quadraplegic live freely and functionally, or an autistic child talk, or detect & warn someone of on-coming seizures, or bring life to a patient in a hospital, or ....... the list goes on and on. When was the last time, a bird or cat... warned their owner that someone was trying to break into their house, and warned the intruder... it may not be a good idea ?

    And all they ask for, is some human caring.
    I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts. --- Will Rogers ---
    Chief Justice John Roberts : "I don't see how you can read Heller and not take away from it the notion that the Second Amendment...was extremely important to the framers in their view of what liberty meant."

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    How can anyone not love dogs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Der Alte View Post
    That is Ram Rod Right. I just sent my Husky across the Rainbow Bridge on Thursday. Dogs don't know wrong, only what they are taught. If they all go to heaven and if I make it, I'll be mobbed:)
    I had to put my dobie down the Saturday before last after 10 loyal years. A friend sent me the Rainbow Bridge and I was a basket case for the next half hour after reading it. I hope to God that's how it really is.
    "Violence is seldom the answer, but when it is the answer it is the only answer".

    "A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves".

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    Very good link! Thank you for sharing.
    "The Second Amendment: America's Original Homeland Security"

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    Talk about a spirit lifting video. Thanks! I sit her and remember back to all the dogs which have been part of my life, and I can remember every one of them, and they enhanced my life experience. I did my best to do the best by each and every one of them, and it would be very nice to see them all again, along with everyone else who has been part of my life and passed on. I'm one of the lucky ones, due to my beliefs I think that it is going to happen. Thanks again!
    You can educate ignorance, you can't fix stupid
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