Kudos to our town's PD

Kudos to our town's PD

This is a discussion on Kudos to our town's PD within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Called 911 regarding a suspicious person in the neighborhood today and waited for local PD to arrive. Before they arrived I observed the perp exiting ...

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Thread: Kudos to our town's PD

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    Kudos to our town's PD

    Called 911 regarding a suspicious person in the neighborhood today and waited for local PD to arrive. Before they arrived I observed the perp exiting a neighbor's house. I yelled and he took off. Several cops showed up and started combing the area. It took a good forty minutes but they found him a couple blocks away wearing different colored shorts. Crafty character.

    Anyway I was able to ID and they got some prints so he's going down. Very impressed with the hard work our LEO's did. Can't put a price on that. Our towns only about 15,000 people but we've got very professional, hard working and effective officers here in South Charleston, WV. Great job guys!
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    by yelling you alerted him to the fact he had been seen,After calling 911 if I saw him come out I would continue surveillance while contacting 911 with description and direction of travel
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    Congrats on getting involved, but with distance and 911.
    One less dirtbag in the neighborhood is good news.
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    I agree with dukalmighty. I would not have alerted him that he's been found out. That makes him leave the area even faster. Glad they caught him tho, and that he is taking a trip to the pokey.
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    Glad everything turned out okay, as they say "life and learn". I would not have yelled, or alerted the BG in anyway shape or form. Even if the BG is caught, doesn't mean that he is convicted ,or charged with something and left on the street. I'd rather not open the door for retaliation from him, or his friends; Nor would I want to alert him so he would flee and lesson the chances of him getting caught.

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    I have worked wit that very dept in the past...they are a great bunch. Good for you to give them props.
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    Kudos on keeping the eyes open and calling it in. Am assuming you were armed when heading over to yell "Hey!" at the idiot (non-escalating piece of reasonable dialog as it was). Great job.

    Note the time of the crime, too. Middle of the day. In a working-class neighborhood, most folks are at work or on errands. For a perp with his eyes open, it comes down to alarm systems and clear-eyed neighbors who monitor the goings-on ... like you.

    And a big hand goes to the PD for such quick response. An active situation in a neighborhood should ideally result in immediate response. In this case, it was a "suspicious person" call that quickly went to home invasion.
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