LEO's, what advice or tips would u give

LEO's, what advice or tips would u give

This is a discussion on LEO's, what advice or tips would u give within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have to work my post halloween night, it is in a shall we say, more active neighborhood and I have had a few incidents ...

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Thread: LEO's, what advice or tips would u give

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    LEO's, what advice or tips would u give

    I have to work my post halloween night, it is in a shall we say, more active neighborhood and I have had a few incidents in the past that were pretty interesting. What advice or stories could you share as far as working halloween and making my job easier
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    On any night that you expect to be very busy, try to stay loose and avoid getting tied up with petty crap.
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    Always remember it is a night of mayhem and mischief, as Guantes stated plan accordingly to handle a problem and move on, don't get bogged down.
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    +1 to the comments listed already. Stay mobile, stay sharp. Function check your firearm and make sure all your gear is good to go prior to going on duty.

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    Don't forget to load your silver bullets. Lol Plus one on all the above. Stay loose and fluid.

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    What everyone else said plus wear garlic around your neck along with a crucifix and carry a sharpened stake.

    Stay safe !
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    Definitely just go with the flow, and understand people are in a different moo dand state of mind than usual. Deal with them accordingly and move on.
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    jwhite summed it up nicely: people are in a different mood and state of mind on a night when they think they can get away with some mishief they would not normally even think to do.

    Kind of like New Year's Eve, more affectionately called "amateur night:" the night the amateur drunk drivers contend with the more experienced ones.
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    The only photo I have of me in uniform was on a Halloween night. I looked more like a hardened criminal (exhausted) than a LEO. The night was very busy with more calls than we could possibly handle. The main thing is to not mistake a prank for an assault. Now back in my day, we didn’t have cell phone cameras and paintball guns so I’d be careful for all that.
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