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Drug Cartels threatening South Texas LEO's

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Thread: Drug Cartels threatening South Texas LEO's

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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    Time to quit playing,

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    The best way to stop illegal immigration is kill the benefits programs they get. No welfare, no voting, no food coupons, no free medical. Hell, if I lived in Mexico I would come over....who wouldn't. Also, fine business's that use illegal workers. It would stop overnight
    As for the drug cartels....bring the boys and girls back from Iraq and Afghanistan, I am sure they would love to protect their own country.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deafdave3 View Post
    I really believe the Mexicans will refuse to come into this country for the same reason the Japs refused to come in the early 40's; "there's a gun behind every blade of grass."
    In this case I think it will be every "grain of sand" instead.

    1000 yds. might be real iffy for me but I'm dead on out to 500yds with my Browning A-Bolt. It's packed and always ready, don't even have to stop off for ammo. Glockman10MM I'll pick you up on the way it you drive some!

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    how bout this, the govt. dosen't want to pay, allow private citizens to band together and form a militia and go to the border and pick em off as they enter
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