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I admire what these women are doing. Unfortunately, I believe it will take 100 years or more to undo the centuries of oppression, barbarity, and inequality that these Afghan women have been subjected to. It's an admirable goal, however. Oftentimes, the pride and honor is in simply trying.
I worked with a lot of female airman in Afghanistan (one is now my wife). My wife was a loadmaster on MC-130s and would often get touched, patted, stared at, etc when locals or Pakistanis would get on the plane. She shoved one guy into the sidewall after he grabbed her rear end one time. She was often the closest some of these guys got to an American woman with a sidearm and a M-4. Her blonde hair was also the object of lots of attention, especially from the kids in Djibouti. Another woman was a fire control officer on Gunships. The psyops guys made available to the Northern Alliance a tape of her talking rounds on target in late 2001, which they promptly broadcasted to the Taliban saying things like "Surrender now, the Americans are sending their women to kill you." Good stuff.
I love that quote!!