LEO's, Firefighters, Miltary etc. what is the funniest prank you have

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Thread: LEO's, Firefighters, Miltary etc. what is the funniest prank you have

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    LEO's, Firefighters, Miltary etc. what is the funniest prank you have

    What is the funniest prank you have ever pulled on your partner, teammate, battle buddy etc. etc. I remember when we qualified this year in the middle of the snowstorm one of our guys showed up with his duty belt and set it on the table. His partner ran to his car and had swapped his cuffs with a set of novelty cuffs. When he got up to go qualify he didn't notice the fuzzy pink cuffs sticking out of his cuff case and we all got a great laugh out of it. We were packing our gear in EIGHT HOURS LATER before he finally noticed. He just grinned and laughed it off. Can't wait for qualifications next year.
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    The vast majority of Marine pranks are not appropriate for this forum.
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    Magnesium trip flare + fiberglass port-a-pottie + unsuspecting BLUFOR = funny.
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    on the ship during a very slow time in the north Atlantic the electronic techs decided to prank people. they set out a watch and a hidden camera to see who took it. after a while I decides to prank them back. one black turtle neck sweater and a wool stocking cap both pulled close, I was set. a dash and grab with a moon to the camera. they were freaking out because they had lost the watch. after an hour of frantic panic I brought it back to them.
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    I kinda liked the time a guy left his credentials on the desk and went to the bathroom. While he was gone another guy taped a picture of Mickey Mouse over his real credentials photo.

    While I was not there the next time he flashed them, a guy who was said it was quite funny watching the lady burst into laughter when he flashed his creds to her.

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    Back in '03 I was stationed onboard one of our SSBN (boomer) subs. The threat of terrorism was still pretty real and 9/11 still very fresh in our minds (not that that day's memories will ever stale in my mind). The DoD higher-highers wanted to test how our then security measures/responses would hold up aginst a determined, motivated, irregular force.(protecting nuclear weapons seemed like a high priority to the nation) Our boat was chosen.....force-on-force, 'YES'! Lasers and blanks in our actual M16, M60's, flash-Bangs,all of it. Two weeks of some pretty hard core simulations. The Army supplied a team from their SOG as the red force, the Air Force supplied the 'referees', and our crew were the blue force augmented by the Marine Security Force detatchment.
    Man, those SOG guy were GOOD....I learned more from them in two weeks than I have in 19 years of service, but I degress.....

    Between 'attacks', a buddy and myself were trying really hard to convince our 'boat guard', stationed on an old tug with an M60, to repel the next attack ah'la "Full Metal Jacket" style....."GET SOME"! Completly aginst SOP's at the time! The boat guard wasn't one of our 'quickest' shipmates either...... He'd just grin and refuse at our 'ribbing' about it. We droped it, no use on him.
    Well the next 'attack' came......red force got topside.....(DADGUMIT !!!) but we had 'em pinned down.....a mexican standoff of sorts except the 'bullets' were still flying.
    Then it happened.......our boat guard kicked open the tug's hatch (directly over the embedded red force), 60 in one arm, 250 rd. belt wrapped around the other (aka: Rambo), and with a strength of voice we'd NEVER heard from this sailor, hollers "GETTTT SOOOMMMMMMMMEEEE".....and opens up! He 'killed' EVERYBODY! Blue, red, didn't make a diffrence....the whole time a grip of AF 'ref's' going batty behind him. He wrecked the barrel of that 60.

    The Military Brass (O8's on down to O6's) watching from the wings were NOT impressed. The AF OIC, a diminutive bird colonel went into a place none of us were used to seeing an O6 go, much to our own entertainment. Our CO, calm as he could be, ask our m60 boy what he was thinking.......he dropped a pair of dimes, giggling the whole time.

    What happened next represented the most spectular butt-chewing the two of us had EVER been a part of. After that was over, our CO 'quietly' informed us that was the funniest thing he'd ever seen.....and that it WON'T ever happen again.

    As mad as the SOG 'reds' were at having hot brass and M60 'blank-blasts' rain down on 'em , even they laughed after it was over.
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    Other than short sheeting or shaving creme in the bottom of the boots I don't have a whole lot. I did always favor taking firecracker fuses and carefully inserting them in to specific cigarettes of mine, to deter the guys who would always bum but never replenish the supply.
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    The puppet show for the rookies.
    One more step and it's on!

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    The old EMS standby is a frozen IV bag in the suspended ceiling above someone's bunk with a catheter inserted through the ceiling tile. When the tubing thaws, a slow drip of fluid starts dropping onto the sleeping victim....
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    Taking the newbies BDU top soaking it in water and putting it in the freezer....
    Although that one backfired once or twice do to the fact it was hotter then heck. Also do NOT throw the top on the ground to break the ice...one guy lost a top that way...split it in two...
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    Back in the days before sophisticated nav aids and navigators had to use celestial navigation with a sextant to plot the position of the stars. Some of the more devious of us would take carbon paper and rub it in the eyecup of the sextant. After a couple of cel shots the nav would then have a nice black eye.
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    Underway on the mid-watch, the new guys would sometimes drift off while sitting at their consoles. We would dim their console and take a portable battle lantern (big square flashlight). Aim it at their face, turn it on and scream train while moving the light towards them quickly. It was hilarious watching them try and dive out of their chair.

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    eagle im gonna borrow that next time i catch one of my guys sleeping. i even have a train whistle that would work perfectly for that
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    When you are locked in a missile launch control center underground in Arizona for 26 hours at a time, serious pranks often occur. Several are unmentionable, but we hid the toilet paper from the oncoming crew one day; there was one piece on the roll in the toilet that said "share!" They searched everywhere before they broke down and called. They never thought to look in the airduct on level one.
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    I went to Sicily with a Reserve unit, as the food service superivisor. One of my troops expressed a desire to learn how to run a storeroom for a kitchen, so I told him no problem, while we are in Sicily I'll let you train with the storeroom guy. When we reported for work the first morning, I made these arrangements with local active duty super, and then headed back to the storeroom to introduce myself to the guy running it and ask him to train my young troop.

    I get to the storeroom and the guy in charge is a guy I had worked with while on active duty, several years before this trip. This was great; I had trained him how to run a storeroom, so I was confident in his ability, and he was an old friend so he was happy to help me out. So I set it up: I told him, listen, my young troop is a little hard of hearing, so you'll have to talk real loud so he can hear you, and if he yells back a little just understand that he really doesn't realize how loud he's talking because of his hearing issues.

    Then I want out front and filled in my new guy. I told him this was great, the storeroom manager was an old friend, he knows his stuff, he's going to train you just like I trained him .... but he's a little hard of hearing. So you'll have to talk real loud for him to hear you, and if he's loud in return just understand that he really doesn't realize how loud he's talking because of his hearing issues.

    In a very loud voice I introduced the two of them and then the whole kitchen got to laugh at their yelling at each other for about an hour before they figured it out.
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