NYC cops overseas

NYC cops overseas

This is a discussion on NYC cops overseas within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Found this information about NYC police officer stationed overseas (second paragraph): Read on their firearms academy page that they train officers for international duty. ...

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Thread: NYC cops overseas

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    NYC cops overseas

    Found this information about NYC police officer stationed overseas (second paragraph):

    Read on their firearms academy page that they train officers for international duty.

    How widespread is this? Why do they do it? Is this commonplace for larger departments?

    Just curious.
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    A lot of law enforcement agencies have offices overseas for intelligence purposes. And New York is probably one of the US cities with a force big enough to do that.

    That's my guess!

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    I saw something about this on one of the news stories, can not remember which, and it stated that NYC is a target for terroristic attacts and these overseas cops were the intel eyes and ears of the department and therefore the city.

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    This is an old story. Right after the USSR fell apart, the FBI established an office in Moscow. However, the stated purpose was to retrain the former GRU (secret police as distinguished from the intel service of the KGB) in "modern" police techniques...since we were all now so friendly. this was the same complaint I heard from a lot of my buddies in the military. With the fall of the USSR, "we" not only started sharing LE techniques but military techniques as well. We let them inside some of our most advanced weapons systems like the Abrams tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicle. They were able to send observers to NATO exercises like the annual REFORGER exercise...since we were getting all friendly like... NOW it seems like the Russian Bear may not be all that friendly after remind's me of that very effective ad by Reagan during his first campaign showing a bear wandering thru the forest...the voice over speaks softly....There is a BEAR in the woods...and some people say the bear is friendly.... Reagan was elected in a landslide and many say his caution on the Russians had a lot to do with it. I guess we didn't learn too well though.

    HOWEVER, it gets even worse as old...AGE OLD enemies have now conducted joint service training missions....the Chinese and the Russians have a new and closer military alliance. It has been seriously suggested that China has been preparing for war with the United States for over ten years...possibly using Taiwan as the trigger. The Chinese have done a massive upgrade in their military capability, especially in regards to naval power. Think their newfound buddies, the Russians might have shared some of their observations concerning OUR weapons and tactics? That's a no brainer. There is an old Chinese curse....May you live in interesting times.... well that is certainly true of our reality now!
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