Fast and accurate gunfight........

Fast and accurate gunfight........

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Thread: Fast and accurate gunfight........

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    Cool Fast and accurate gunfight........

    Video: NM officer's textbook shooting

    The accurracy of the NM trooper is exceptional.
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    Good for the officer, bad and SAD for the gonzales family.

    From article:

    Police later learned that Gonzales was an ex-Marine who was being treated for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

    Wy does our military turn a blind eye to this type of circumstance?

    To their defense, I don't know if they were on top of his PTSDisorder, but we also don't know if they we not helping him through this either.

    Sad situation, with an outcome that, for all intents and purposes was good for Mother, child and officer.

    Very good defense from the officer.
    I wonder if he shot with his arm out of the patrol car, or if he was able to slam the trans into park, and open door, then return fire.
    Happened pretty fast.

    This from another article here;

    The autopsy states: "The wound to the left chest (believed to be from Waller's duty AR-15 rifle) could have contributed to death if it were not for the devastating wound to the head. The manner of death is suicide."

    Gonzales, a Pecos High graduate who had multiple tours of duty as a decorated Marine sniper in Iraq and Afghanistan, was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder when Waller responded to a call from dispatchers asking that Gonzales be stopped from taking his pregnant wife and their 2-year-old son from Pecos to Albuquerque after an argument.

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    Man, that gunfight came in a HURRY. I am sure he had already drawn and was on high alert, but that still must have seemed like a flash. Excellent shooting by the officer.

    My only thought is that if someone had informed him that the assailant was being treated for PTSD, he may have been able to talk to him without the steel in his voice. That, though, is certainly armchair quarterbacking and no critique of the officer. He did a superb job.
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    That officer had some good training, and paid attention!
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    Wow! Great anticipation. Glad the officer and he hostages are safe. A sad ending for a US Marine...
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    The idiot also gave him an easy shot. The officer was prepared for him to expose shooting fish in a barrel for someone with some shooting experience.

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    A tragedy. I feel for the family and the officer. He did what he had to do under such difficult circumstances.

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    Good for the officer, sad for the family, and great for "Boot Hill".
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    Sad situation to see a troubled vet get taken out like that. We owed him a debt, and instead we gave him a bullet. It ain't right..................
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chevy-SS View Post
    Sad situation to see a troubled vet get taken out like that. We owed him a debt, and instead we gave him a bullet. It ain't right..................
    Careful, the gun grabbers want to take away - permanently- the guns of vets with any sort of PTSD diagnosis.

    Tragic event for all parties.

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    Has the video ben taken down? I don't see it when I go to the link.

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    PTSD is scary stuff. Some people are able to cope with it and lead a semi normal life, others are consumed by it. it’s to bad someone died, but it could have been a lot worse.

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    At what I am sure is a considerable risk of getting flamed, but also with very considerable sympathy for those who suffer from any disorder, I suspect that PTSD is often used as an excuse for bad behavior, not unlike "the devil made me do it," defense.

    I realize there are serious issues for those who suffer from PTSD and I don't want to make lite of these, and I'm not diminishing the suffering, but I really think some of the folks who get into trouble and blame PTSD were headed for trouble long before the traumatic event. Its more like too much testosterone/androgen/muscle/ and an excuse, all interacting.

    How often do you see or hear of women committing violent crimes as a result of PTSD? And, yes, many women have been through horrific traumas including exposure to one form of combat or another either as a cop or military, or at home, or with a sexual predator.

    I grew up in the time frame immediately after WWII and during the Korean War. Nearly every adult male had military experience and very very many had serious horrific combat experience.

    Maybe I was too young, maybe the newspapers didn't report, certainly the name was different (combat fatigue), but I don't recall many if any incidents of the men of the Greatest Generation going stark raving nuts violent.

    I knew fighter pilots, I knew men who served duty in PT boats in the Pacific, I knew submariners, I knew a man who played dead in the snow during the Battle of the Bulge for 2 days, with a chest wound, while the Germans walked all around him--- never knowing if one of them would notice he was still alive and put a final bullet in him. (He died a few years after the war from his wounds.) What I don't remember were violent "nut jobs." (I do however remember grieving parents, parents who jumped out of windows on getting bad news and a cousin's grave-he was killed invading Italy.)

    Sorry if this is offensive to some as I really don't mean to be hurtful or disrespectful. I just think there is more going on than the simple equation of "he had some combat experience" "so he got PTSD" "so he engaged in violent behavior" "so it really isn't his fault."

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    I can't see the video. Apparently they removed it.

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    There are (literally) untold thousands of "incidents" involving WWII (and other) vets. I was immediately reminded of the soldier in the end of Band of Brothers (the book, anyway, don't recall about the miniseries) who shot and killed his own men. In pretty much every account of battle I have read from that era, there were men who "snapped" and committed atrocities, or otherwise had "incidents" that could be (at least in part) attributed to their exposure to such severe trauma. The only thing different today is the reporting.

    In no way would I ever take anything away from the accomplishments of The Greatest Generation, but I am frankly kind of tired of hearing that the entire generation of tens of millions was somehow completely free from sin.

    ETA: Both my grandfathers were WWII vets, and my father and step-father were Vietnam vets. I hold what they accomplished in the highest esteem. Even as I pass most of them in time spent "over there," I know that nothing that I have done or, in all likelihood, ever will do could compare to their deeds, and the effect that they had on our planet. I am simply saying that being a part of any particular generation doesn't grant immunity to trauma, mental illness, or downright evilness.
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