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Thread: Vietnam Veterans...Welcome Home!

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    My dad was in the USAF '67-'70, my father-in-law was USAF there then too, 3 uncles in Army and an aunt in the Navy during Vietnam

    I remember when I was young (born in '72) seeing things on the news/tv about Vietnam, and I'm glad I had my dad to educate me on a lot of things in life including that war, where it started, how, what our gov't did and didn't do, and a lot of other history. Its knowledge that I find invaluable today and will pass on to my son.

    Every time I see the guys with the Vietnam Vet hats, shirts, etc I make it a point to introduce myself and tell them thank you. Everyone should do the same
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    It was long ago but never far away. I made a solemn vow that I will never allow another Veteran to be treated in that manner. So far I have kept that vow.
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    Welcome home guys! This should have been done decades ago.

    I was never in the service but my father was in Vietnam from 1968-1969.

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    Even though I was lucky enough to come back from that stink-hole with only a small 7.62 x 39mm scar on my upper chest and back without suffering any permanent disability, I can fully identify with 1 old 0311's feelings when the only "hero's welcome" most of us received on our return home was to be spit on by a bunch of liberal freaks and called every low-life name in the book after we had carried out our ordered duty for our country (many of whom were drafted and had no choice in the matter). Even though many citizens have disagreed with the political aspects or purpose of every war or "police action" our country has ever been involved with since its beginning, most of them at least had the decency and respect to acknowledge and honor the effort, sacrifice and suffering of the soldiers who were sent into the fray - usually by no choice or personal desire on their part.

    While I was one of the lucky few to come back in one piece and go on to pursue many successful careers without any major PTSD, there were many who didn't come back with all the pieces intact, many who came back with PTSD that left them mentally/emotionally crippled for the rest of their lives, and many more who either didn't come back at all or did so in a box - but such is the human price of any war. I've managed to keep my bitterness under control about the pathetic way Vietnam vets were insulted, degraded, mis-treated and ignored after coming home (in one way or another) by forgiving those who did so because much of the country's population back then was under a radical liberal mindset that has mellowed a bit as they've aged and matured a little more.

    However, the bitterness that I can't forgive and still makes me want to puke is the loathing that I harbor for our wonderful Congress that continues to treat our disabled vets from any war like second-class welfare recipients. Even when there's lots of praise, parades, flag-waving, and hero welcomes, the attitude of Congress is "welcome home brave warrior, thanks for your sacrifice, now piss-off and don't bother us anymore". Somehow Congress can find countless billions of dollars each year to give welfare support, free food, free medical care, free housing, and free everything else to millions of illegal cockroaches who sneak across the border every year, but somehow never find the money to ensure that our disabled vets (physically and/or mentally) get top priority attention and the best medical care available in the entire nation. Congress continues to struggle with multi-billion dollar job programs for the chronically unemployed - yet don't seem to have any project in mind to ensure that returning, non-disabled vets get top priority in being quickly placed back into the workforce.

    Therefore, when Congress suddenly decides to give some pathetic, meaningless, hollow, patronizing piece of lip-service to proclaim "Welcome Home Vietnam Vets Day", I sincerely hope they notice the large piece of mistletoe hanging from the back of my belt - and all line up to kiss away and bark at the hole!! Our vets fulfilled their obligation to this country, and the country now has an equal return obligation to fulfill. If they want to welcome home ALL of our vets, maybe they should say "Welcome Home" to a few million illegal cockroaches - then send them back there to free up billions of dollars each year to sincerely show their appreciation to all disabled vets from any war or "police action".

    Guess I'd better stop before I really get annoyed
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    This March there is a homecoming scheduled for us in Charlotte, I have not decided yet if I will attend. As others have said too little too late I still remember being advised at Travis to change into civilian clothes before going to SFO to catch flights home, that did not work out well since short hair was a dead giveaway. When I was in the 7th MAS at Travis I flew with a former POW, great guy to fly with that if you partied hard enough with you might hear of some of the things that happened at the Hilton, not pretty at all. I do have a Viet Nam Veteran sticker on my car now but even a few years ago I would have never been willing to admit I was a vet. Can Rahn Bay Sep 69-Mar 70, DaNang Mar70-Sep 70.

    Vietnam Veterans Homecoming Celebration 2012 | Speedway | Charlotte Motor Speedway
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    Nothing but the utmost respect for Vietnam Veterans (all vets as well). Since I was a young this day...when I run across a Vietnam vet I extend a handshake...and a hug if he's accepting....

    Nothing will ever make things better or "right"...but I go out of my way to show my respect.
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    I spent the Viet Nam War on Titan Missile Crew underground in Southeast Arizona. I didn't face the derision our returning troops did, but I have several friends who suffer daily from physical and mental damage they received. They deserved better.
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