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People not trusting cops

This is a discussion on People not trusting cops within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by HotGuns Its the same everywhere you go... The City Cops dont like the County Cops. The small town Cops dont like the ...

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Thread: People not trusting cops

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuns View Post
    Its the same everywhere you go...

    The City Cops dont like the County Cops. The small town Cops dont like the big town Cops.

    The State Police...they dont like anybody.

    The State Police sucks.

    The State Police is the best dept there is...everyone would rather deal with them.

    The City Cops are too political. The City Cops arent political enough.

    The Sherrif Deputys are a bunch of prima donnas. The Deputys will whip your butt.

    The County Cops are thugs in uniform. The County Cops wont stop you for speeding when the Sherrif is up for re election.

    The City Cops are corrupt...they will steal your liquor and take it home.

    The City Cops will confiscate your guns. The County Cops are cool with them. The State Police will call the SWAT on you if you have one in the car.

    The City Cops will stop you for going 1 mile over.

    The County cops wont stop you unles you are going 20 over.

    The State Police will stop you if your car looks lke it ought to go fast.

    The Sherrif has his own personal army.

    The Police Chief has his own Security Force....they only answer to him.

    The State Police have more Cops with guns than any Army in South America.

    The Police are pleasant. The Police suck. The Police are Demon Possessed. They are sympathetic. They are unsympathetic. They disregard the law. They dont regard the law. They are overzealous. They are lazy. They ALL eat too many donuts.

    Its always the same old stuff, everywhere you go and it never seems to change, no matter what one does.


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    enough said.
    "Just blame Sixto"

    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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