Homeland thoughts, humanity and things

Homeland thoughts, humanity and things

This is a discussion on Homeland thoughts, humanity and things within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I'm going a bit further down the road than the time of our grandkids here. So far into the future that all our recent and ...

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Thread: Homeland thoughts, humanity and things

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    Homeland thoughts, humanity and things

    I'm going a bit further down the road than the time of our grandkids here. So far into the future that all our recent and present catastrophes, various political and national conflicts, even whether George 43's SCOTUS overturns that certain court-inflicted law, are just curious footnotes.

    Let’s pause about 2000 years into the future.

    Left to the winds of progress by social and physical scientists, it could be an astounding new world, well on the way to becoming one of the best utopias in the local star system. Diseases conquered, intellectual development still on that asympt-, er, sorry, ever-steepening upward curve; technology providing undreamed of enhancements to life. We would be a race truly discovering new worlds, here on our world and others "out yonder".

    Unfortunately there are ominous threats to this rosy future. Think now about the interaction the PRC, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, even a growing rad-muslim division of MS-13,(and probably many new variants of their ilk), with our potential destiny as a species.

    A few years ago, that rosy future was tainted with the threat of a stupendous mondo-nuclear, planet-wide destruction. We at that time feared that the creation of a barren world would take place within a few days. More recently it seemed benign enlightenment might turn it all around.

    Well, this is not news to most of you here, but it looks like the concept of a sudden extreme downturn in the quality of our civilization might be replaced with a new one; a long, bumpy ride down that dark path toward the same end. A path toward that desolate future that the Taliban were so determined to pursue. I remember how badly I felt when they shot up the giant Buddhas, -and I am aligned with no organized religion or "faith".

    It just shocked and sickened me to see the irreplaceable loss of such ancient treasures, (this could have been the Louve or virtually any priceless trove of art or knowledge); hard to think that such could be so gleefully destroyed by a group of "people" with whom we unfortunately share this planet.

    But even that kind of destruction is not enough, no; they want to destroy our society, all of our values, the esoteric expressions of a species wanting to grow.

    They want to trample any thoughts other than those of mindless acquiescence to the wishes of - ? Those who would be our masters, of course, for their own gain in power or whatever they lust after. It is on a level with the looter who wants to take what belongs to others, simply because they feel enraged and entitled to it, just on a grand scale and far more dangerous.

    This article is the "long way around" to specifically look back at recent troubles, and how important it is to be the Warrior we all want to be.

    Each Warrior is important and must be ready to step up into action at some future moment, an opportunity to change a teetering mind here, or blow a squirming one out all over the sidewalk there, if necessary, should fate one day put you near a sweating pin-head with a sinister purpose and a thumb switch.

    Norman Oklahoma's failed mass-homicide bomber event has apparently been forever swept under the carpet, but it is nevertheless another nail in the coffin of "what might have been" for the humans on this planet, and small step toward the new Earth, where mutant cucarachas might become masters of the domain.


    If you missed the link posted somewhere recently, read this! A speech by then U.S. Navy Capt. Dan Ouimette, that should be required reading by the Lamestream Media.


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    Mankind has survived a lot. We'll keep on plugging & plodding along. Two big steps backward then three little steps forward.

    Many of the most catastrophic things have already happened.

    The Ice Age where mankind almost ended...the Plague that decimated Europe...the Holocaust...the Mayans that sacrificed 4 rows 4 deep of prisoners 1.5 miles long...the burning of the great library of all human knowledge in Alexandria that took 6 months to burn. Mass wholesale slaughter the Crusades, Russia, Cambodia the pogrom's. Natural disasters like Pompeii & the recent Tsunami. Polio, Influenza, AIDS.
    We are still here.
    So much lost though through constant wars and famine.
    It's a shame that "religion" has probably killed more human beings than any other force/influence in human history.

    It is truly sad but, we have amazing resiliency.

    I'll not ever give up hope that we'll somehow survive into the future.

    It's either that or Giant Ants will inherit the Earth.

    It's not going to be a pretty world for young kids to grow up into our near future though.

    Train your kids to defend themselves and survive.

    They will need that knowledge.

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    Maybe the post nuclear world surviving species should be appended to add humans. I'm sure some of us would find a way.

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