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Flash Mobs pose challenge to police....

This is a discussion on Flash Mobs pose challenge to police.... within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; counter-flash mob when area store owners see a group larger than normally associated with a store forming, they could lock up their store and with ...

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Thread: Flash Mobs pose challenge to police....

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    counter-flash mob

    when area store owners see a group larger than normally associated with a store forming,
    they could lock up their store and with some of their workers, head on over to the 'hit' store and upon entering--block the exits with their bodies.
    now the mob is 'trapped' and this should give the police time to respond. knowing that the longer the delay for the law to show up the more the
    risk of pushing and shoving from the mob...fast response time is critical.

    i would hope that some of the counter-mobbers are lawfully armed but there should be no display of, nor should any force be used unless
    the mob initiates it. at that point they have made it into an assault/ robbery and there are rules already in place for that.

    isolated stores may have to resort to locking doors and partitions. get creative--
    perhaps pieces of flooring that flip over and have thin tubes of crazy glue attached.
    and a bear trap at the exit...
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    With response time always being the enemy, this new style of maggotry will probably have to be fixed by the way things are handled at the store. Whenever new technology comes out, it's only a matter of time before people start to abuse it. And solutions to these problems always seem to be at the cost of the store owners or taxpayers.
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    I'll bet the flash mobs wouldn't do too well in China...or in Texas...I'm just sayin'...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tzadik View Post
    I'm just saying in a flash mob situation one into the display case next to me without good chance of ricochet would be a hell of a lot better than losing my entire store or injuring someone who showed no threat other than overwhelming numbers. I'm generally in the no warning shot camp, but flash mobs do have me keeping my mind open to that possibility.

    What other suggestion would you make? As I said I'm keeping my mind open.
    IF I were you, I would re-think shooting a display case or any other item in a store. Matts suggestion about the pepper spray is one of the better options. Warning shots are not a option here, If all they are doing is stealing. Im not sure about VA law, but in MI you cannot protect property. You could also be charged with discharge of a firearm. Unless your life is in danger, keep the gun in its holster.
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    Lots of high definition surveillance cameras, a police department willing to identify and arrest the mob members, and a prosecutor willing to go for the maximum would help.

    Rather than charge each with shoplifting, a misdemeanor, charge the entire group with strong-armed robbery, a felony.
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