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Army looking at getting rid of M9

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Thread: Army looking at getting rid of M9

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    IMHO the 9mm is a fine round, Ive shot the M9 a bit and I am on the fence with the weapon. If I could make the call I would go with a Glock 17. even though the 1911 is an old warhorse and has been tried and proven under the harshest conditions from the islands of the pacific to the cold winters of the European theater, I wouldnt go back to the 1911. one reason is the weapon would have to be upgraded which would cost the Army alot of money. The Glock is a simple and reliable package that could go bone stock to the military and function everytime
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    "The joint U.S. Army/Air Force Modular Handgun System could select a commercial off-the-shelf handgun to replace the M9 pistol in Fiscal Year 2011–12 If budget funds allows the implementation of the study."

    Modular Handgun System - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    When you put one weapon system in the hands of 500,000 military service members there is bound to be a few that don't like it. Imagine that ?

    The current Beretta M9's have been in service for over 25 years. Some of those pistols are actually 25 years old too and need to be replaced due to exceeding their service life. There is an never was anything inherently wrong with the M9 pistol. It's first stages during their introduction had some flaws that where metalurgical in nature. Those problems where addressed and corrected early on in the mid 80's by Beretta and the Armed Services.

    The issuance of Checkmate magazines where the culprit of feeding issues through out the life span of the M9 pistol. Only factory magazines !! Round counts on the M9's where not kept to standard and many of the weapons have been deployed in need of serious examination and parts replacement. That's not the guns fault. If your EDC carry gun has been proving to have feeding problems would you still employ it as your EDC ?? Not likely and your going to have some work done or replace a broken or worn part.

    Trust me when I say this. I want a frame or slide mounted safety on all pistols issued to conventional forces. Remember, we are training 18 year olds to be proficient with the weapon, but not at the level of a seasoned, war hardened veteran. The military trains to the lowest common denominator. It's difficult enough to get 18 year olds to keep the weapon on "SAFE" and keep their trigger finger indexed at all times on their rifles. I've been in an arms room when someone just couldn't keep their finger off the trigger and the safety on with live ammo still in the bore. You don't want to be that guy, trust me. Yeah, let's give them all Glocks.

    I'll believe it when I see it if the miltary or any one branch discards the Beretta M9 for something else. We've seen these articles before and we've seen them go by the wayside. How many handguns are there right now available that where in the first so called "Joint Pistol Program?"

    The Beretta is a fine gun. It's a tool in the tool box. Keep it lubed. Change out recoil springs when needed, have worn or broken parts replaced. It's really that simple.
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    I carried and never failed to shoot expert with the M9, however In the Stan I saw many carring Sigs, I agree with 9 or of 10 times its the shooter not the weapon. I remember my Commander shooting on the CSMs target to get him Also, the FMJ rounds play a role. As said before I have never had a M9 jam, fail to fire or not go bang when I squeezed the trigger, course I do clean and take care of my weapons like my life depends on it from my long arms down to my blades.

    that being said, if they do change I would love to see the S&W M&P.

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