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Ambush Attacks Increasing......

This is a discussion on Ambush Attacks Increasing...... within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; The media loves to drag cops through the mud. Sensationalism brings ratings and with it comes advertising dollars. Ask yourself why so many of these ...

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Thread: Ambush Attacks Increasing......

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    The media loves to drag cops through the mud. Sensationalism brings ratings and with it comes advertising dollars. Ask yourself why so many of these "abuse" cases you hear about disappear from the headlines. Why is it so often that they never follow through to the end of the investigation? Mainly it is because the evidence exonerates the LEO 90% of the time.

    I remember reading about a guy suing a city in Florida. He said the police used excessive force. When they pressed charges on him for attempting to flee custody, it was supposedly retaliation for covering his head during the arrest, and filing the suit. When the video hit YouTube it showed the guy trying to get up and run away from police after he was cuffed. That is attempting to flee custody.

    However the news media kept running a chopped version of the video trying to spin the story. They were trying to sell the "retaliation" angle and doctored the evidence to fit their story. They didn't follow the facts or even report all of the facts. They knew painting the guy as a victim would cause outrage. With it would come repeat viewers. They would keep watching for the next "update" even if it was no different than the same "update" they heard yesterday.

    Don't believe everything in the news. You would be suprised how little of it has any resemblance to reality.

    Don't get me wrong I don't believe cops are angels. I just understand that America has turned in to a victim culture. Everybody is a victim and the other person has to be the bad guy. I heard someone busted stealing a GPS from a car say, "it isn't my fault. The cop wasn't supposed to be on patrol right then. If he had come at 9:30 like he usualy do I wouldn't be here. It aint my faults I got arrested."

    It wasn't his fault that he busted the window, that he stole the GPS, or that he had two hundred methadone in his pocket. All of that was his momma's fault. She was kicking him out and he had to make the money to get a place to stay. He was doing what he had to because he was a victim of other people.

    I'm tired as can be and rambling from topic to topic. I will stop now. Please forgive my spelling and gramar mistakes. At least forgive the unintentional ones. I am bone tired and headed to bed.
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    I agree ,you always hear people that got a dui or arrested for theft or any other conviction sayin stuff bad about the cops cause the cops arrested them but they seem to forget they were breaking the law ,doin something they were not supposed to do cause it was illegal but yet its the cops fault they got in trouble. I used to do some bounty hunting and collecting money for a local bonds man and I heard it everyday how bad the cops were and how they are costing them(the criminal) so much money ,well they were just doing the job that us as tax payers pay them to do.

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    Punisment for Cop Killers

    Should Slow, Painfull and Deadly, not to mention televised.


    If they know what there going to get it'll probably slow them down.
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    I'm the last one to believe everything I hear in the news. But I'm not so blind that I will not see, or so deaf that I will not hear either. My father was a LEO, my uncle was a LEO, my friends were Leo's, be assured, I'm very well aware of what's real and what isn't. It's not the gangs I was referring to, I specifically said "innocent" people. And I didn't say "ALL" LEO's. If anything is "moronic" miklcolt45, it's denial.

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    One occurred here, and they set up a specific officer and when he was on duty and likely to answer the call.... because he had arrested the gang banger's brother for possession with intent to sell. The BG shot him with a rifle capable of penetrating his vest. Officer crawled near a car for cover and did a distress call. After that, the BG then took the officers own gun and used it to finish him off. Officer had pulled his backup and shot rounds at BG while dying. Officer was dead within a few minutes after other officers arrived.

    The BG was shot numerous times by the SWAT team while in the middle of a nearby field ... when he fired on them.

    But, it's not that new. In San Fransisco, Wm Ayers (yep, Obama's buddy) set a bomb off in a police station and was advocating and trying to organize intentionally killing police officers. They would drive up , or walk up , and shoot them point blank. Last I knew from very later 60's to early 70's they still had 240 or 250 "unsolved" murders of Police officers in San Fransisco alone during that time period ..... mostly from being ambushed.

    One situation here, 2 men fighting outside a tech school.... police called, officer arrived and was shot from a rifle (from 3rd story window of nearby building), car races off and the people "fighting" had mysteriously disappeared. The GOOD THING..... the bullet hit his microphone and he was unharmed. They closed the area down though and searched for the shooter, but was never found.
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    Originally Posted by dukalmighty
    I've said it many times,career criminals and violent offenders who feed off innocent victims get the death penalty and not after 20 years of getting room and board.If these POS are too violent to let back into society then put them down like you would a vicious dog.I'm almost willing to bet that some of these Officer murders are gang initiations,Time to declare war on gangs,domestic terrorists whatever ya wanta call them,Dedicated Community snipers would take care of the gang problem,try to rob somebody and suddenly POP dead banger

    Quote Originally Posted by Maverickx50 View Post
    I'll bet you my carry gun that every one of these shootings was done by a BG with an arrest and conviction record. We need an island on to which we can deposit these undesirables permanently.
    There is an's called Hades.
    "Historical examination of the right to bear arms, from English antecedents to the drafting of the Second Amendment, bears proof that the right to bear arms has consistently been, and should still be, construed as an individual right." -- U.S. District Judge Sam Cummings, Re: U.S. vs Emerson (1999)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magnum View Post
    I told my wife a year ago that if the police keep shooting innocent people and don't cease with the brutality we see on the news, there will be retaliation. I really believe that's what we're seeing. When our police become like the criminals they arrest everyday, even the law abiding lose respect for them.
    You say this, then you reply saying its not all cops and you had family members that were LEOs....geez man.
    Miklcolt45 says it sounds moronic based on the whitewashing you implied above. He is not living in denial. It is you that see something on TV and form an opinion based on that obviously.

    I don't think retaliation is what we're seeing the overwhelming majority of the time. What we're seeing is people who don't care whether you, me, or our neighbors live to see tomorrow. They don't care about our property. They don't care about consequences. They don't care about cops, laws, courts, or punishments. They are millions of animals in human clothing out there, and the cops get to be in-between them and freedom to continue their sprees.

    There are not rampant shootings of innocent people by LEOs. Are there some that happen? Yes there are, but they are far and few between compared to the number of criminals being shot that needed being shot by police. There are way more innocent victims of crimes shot by dirtbags than there are LEOs shooting an innocent person. Even one LEO shooting of an innocent is too many. But thats no reason to make broad assumptions or believe what the media or fellow gang members or family members say in front of the camera.
    This logic is the same as the antis saying all the CHL/CCW license holders are just blazing away shooting people for anything under the sun. Thats just as much of a farce as what you're implying here, and you did imply it.

    There is not rampant brutality. Are some mistakes made...yes, but they are also far and few between. But thanks to our liberal media and them wanting to show sensational stuff, we get to see an incident played out over and over day after day on 50 channels with so-called experts weighing in and its drummed into people's heads. A cop makes a mistake and its headline news for a week no matter what type. This is soaked in by people that don't know what they're seeing, jump on the bandwagon of police bashers, and its taken for gospel by more people
    Liberal defense lawyers call the wrist lock I use on a person that isn't cooperating brutality.
    They call the straight arm bar takedown I use to get a resisting person to the ground in an attempt to decrease the chance of the suspect getting injured...brutality.
    They call pepper spray use brutality even though its used to get the person to comply and stop their actions.
    They call taser use brutality even though it prevents officers and suspect from getting injured, when everything goes correctly.
    They call baton use brutality even though sometimes its the only thing able to gain compliance.
    They call punches/knee strikes/palm thrusts/kicks brutality even though the suspect may be high/drunk/resisting/fighting feeling no pain, and trying to do the same to the officer if given the chance.
    All of which have their legal place. If you truly did have that many family members in LE you would know that sometimes force has to be used and sometimes its not pretty. You should know this since you said you know whats real and what isn't, yet from your statement above you are whitewashing cops as brutal and shooting innocent people everywhere.
    To those that have no clue as to what is going on and why that force is being used (and the criminals & their families/associates), they will be shocked and view the police as being brutal.
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    If loose gun laws are good for criminals why do criminals support gun control?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeNice View Post
    End the profit motivation and the incentive disappears. If the drugs are legalized, controlled, and taxed the black market withers. With it goes the corruption and violence. Just look at what happened when alcohol was made legal again. Look at happened when prosecutors stopped chasing porn producers for indecency.

    Then again we could just borrow billions more a year to keep fighting a "war on drugs" that we keep losing. Elliot Ness didn't bring down Al Capone's bootlegging operations. The IRS and free markets did.

    Reefer Madness Book
    Also read the CATO Institute's papers on alcohol prohibition.
    I don't need a history lesson, I'm well versed on prohibition, Ness, Capone, and how it all worked

    alcohol prohibition in the 20's is nothing compared to the drug cartels in our country, Mexico, central and south america that will not just roll over and wither away if we legalize drugs
    those that know about the cartels and the drug trade today know that legalizing drugs will be absolutely a BAD decision
    we don't need a dramatic increase in the number of people doing dope, we have enough of them stealing to maintain their habits right now, we don't need more kids on the crap when its legalized--we already have enough problems with kids now, and yes there would be more as kids will see it as something else to try since its legal now

    sorry for the topic hijack
    to the issue of the drug cartels/dealers targeting cops....that won't stop, the guys are dirtbags through and through

    all this being said in this and my post right before it...........
    Criminals are more brazen. They are more brutal. A large portion of our society has lost control over their children. A lot of parents don't discipline, courts don't enforce, people don't take responsibility for their actions, all leading to the attitude towards LEOs. Its not just drugs, but the cartels/dealers are a huge part of it and the gangs are a huge part of it. The drug cartels and gangs getting a badge of honor for assaulting or killing a cop won't go away even if all the drugs are legalized.
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    Independence is declared; it must be maintained. Sam Houston-3/2/1836
    If loose gun laws are good for criminals why do criminals support gun control?

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    Gutless, plain and simple. The sad part of this is that death penalty cases cost 2-4 times more than non-death penalty cases. As a matter of fact California has spent over 4 BILLION on prosecuting death penalty cases, this is ridiculous. I believe in the death penalty, along with 66% of the other citizens of the United States. Change has to happen and the only way to do it is by using our voices and our vote. If criminals are caught red handed, either through video or there is irrefutable evidence, where it is beyond a reasonable doubt, they get one appeal and then a needle in the arm. Spending 20 years on deathrow is a product of the trial lawyers, and the ACLU. Rapists, child molestor's, cop killers and murderers need to be removed from society permanently. How far our country has fallen.

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