The 9/11 Revolver...

The 9/11 Revolver...

This is a discussion on The 9/11 Revolver... within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; With the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 quickly approaching, I thought this was an interesting article to post. If it's been posted before, please forgive me. ...

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Thread: The 9/11 Revolver...

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    The 9/11 Revolver...

    With the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 quickly approaching, I thought this was an interesting article to post. If it's been posted before, please forgive me.

    The 9/11 Revolver: Recovered from the World Trade Center - Guns News and Guns Reviews at
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    Thank you so very much for sharing this video. So many did not make it out but gave their lives for the sake of others. Many died just doing their day to day jobs with no idea that they would be a part of history and change in the world war that has been forced on to us. Every time i hear someone (politicians or public) making light of our need to protect ourselves, our borders, or win this war it makes me want to scream REMEMBER WANT THEY DID TO THE INNOCENT PEOPLE OF OUR NATION. WHAT MAKES YOU THINK IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN?
    I carry to protect myself and my loved ones from the BG's. Not to solve societies problems. That said: if more carried the deterrent would only have a positive overall effect on those problems.

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    Sad story, it brings back terrible memories of that day. Although, it seems that some out there have forgotten; a lot of others have not... Personally, I'd like to see one heck of a barrage unleashed on the pieces of trash in the middle east on 9-11 and let those dogs see how we remember our fallen.

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    Thanks for that, First Sgt.
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    I did not know about this. The scars on that gun are incredible. Thanks for sharing.
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    A potent reminder!
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    Thanks Sarge, I posted it on the S & W forum.

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    No matter how much it hurts, let us never forget 9-11. Thank you for posting!
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    Thank you for sharing..
    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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    Thanks for posting.
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    Thumbs up

    Thank you for posting.

    May we never forget the sacrifices of those who gave their lives to help those in need.

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    Thank you.
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    Very touching, thanks for posting.

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