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If you were only able to pick 1 of 3 weapons for duty use, what would it be?

This is a discussion on If you were only able to pick 1 of 3 weapons for duty use, what would it be? within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; If he/she would allow a Sig 220,that would be my choice,if not a 226....

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Thread: If you were only able to pick 1 of 3 weapons for duty use, what would it be?

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    If he/she would allow a Sig 220,that would be my choice,if not a 226.

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    Probably the sig, bot any of them will do
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    The 226!

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    What Inspector 71 said.
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    Welcome to the forum. If there wasn't a 45 in the mix I'd choose the 226.
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    DISCLAIMER: I have never shot a USP. I think the mag release would take some getting used to.

    The trigger reach is a bit long on the 92 for me. Same with the Sig, but it's not as bad AND there is the short trigger option.

    My vote: 226.
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    I had a USP in .40 for a number of years and it was a nice gun. I would go with the H&K. I'm not a fan of Sig or the 92.
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    I have carried/used both the 226 and 92 and have been able to fire a friend's USP. My ranking would be:
    1- SIG- best fit to my hand of any pistol, competition accurate out of the box, zero failures in the 20+ years I have had it
    2- Beretta 92- good fit (I have large-ish hands), accurate, 2 FTE in 15 yrs- both on same day, found some carbon build up on the extractor
    3- USP- felt slightly awkward, also very accurate, even in rapid fire with the .45 ACP, has not failed in the 12 yrs. my friend has owned it.

    Overall it is splitting hairs- all are excellent. See if you can have a chance to test fire each and go with what you like best.
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    I have a couple of Sig 226's. 9MM and .357 Sig.

    I have a USP HK .45

    I had a Berretta.

    I have carried both a Sig 220 and an HK USP on duty.

    If I had my choice, I'd go with the HK USP.
    Its a .45 and it has good capacity.

    But a warning! I bought a P226 once. Then a P228. Then a P220. Then a P225.
    One Sig is never enough
    There is a lot of truth to that. I started with a 220. Now I own 7 others.
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    Better ergonomics of a the P226 over the Beretta...Never liked the decocker on the slide.

    My preference:

    Magazine <> clip - know the difference

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    Hands down, the Sig. I know the HK is a great gun, but I hate the way they feel. The Beretta's a fine gun, but I never liked it. Cant put my finger on why. The Sig just rocks.

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    SIG . . . and I don't even own any of them. But I have shot the SIG (and it was nice).
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    92f dead last, remember seeing alot of guys throw the first double action pull 10 feet ahead of the bad guys

    sig226 wins for me

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    Was this a rhetorical question or will we see a second post. It's been a week.

    Perhaps I'm needy.
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    I've shot all three, still own my HK USP 45, brother had a 92 and I hated it
    I don't like the 92's grip or functions
    I like the sig and HK's grip and functions, to me it would be a toss up between those 2
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