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Well isn't that the problem. I didn't take the time to sift through three pages of responses, so I'm just going to say that up front. The only other disclaimer I'm going to make is that this isn't going to be pretty.

If you are not willing to serve your country in a time of war, then the military has no use for you....stay away from it. The military exists for one reason, and one reason only - as the nation's hammer. Reservists who are not willing to deploy or fight when the time comes are nothing but social leaches who seek to exploit the small contract committment and reduced risk of getting activated for the right to consider themselves "military" and so that they can feel as though they have contributed without actually having done so. It makes for good stories at the next frat party or around the water cooler at work, I'm sure.
The military is not a jobs-skills program, nor is it free money for college. Choosing the military is a committment to serve in a time of need...it does not matter what is convenient for you, and we do not care what is convenient for you.

That one sentence that you had the misfortune of typing clearly marks you as a person that I would neither want to depend on nor someone upon whom I would place responsibility for others. Because leadership and responsibility simply are not convenient.

You have answered your own question. If you are looking for something convenient, I suggest you stay where you are, in the job that you love. If a unit cannot depend on you when they need you, then save everyone the time and effort and simply find something else.

Mods, sorry if this is too out of line but this really gets under my skin.

This is incorrect. Please check your facts before offering advice on what the retirement benefits are.

cagueuits was saying what the bennies should be, not what they are.

I think something has reached his decision. So with that the thread has run its course and I will now close it.