First LEO stop while carrying – twice in 1 night

First LEO stop while carrying – twice in 1 night

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Thread: First LEO stop while carrying – twice in 1 night

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    First LEO stop while carrying – twice in 1 night

    Coming home from camping, had my 357, in holster, stuck between the passenger & the middle seat of the front seat. I was driving by myself. Going thru a small town with a lot of speed limit changes. Get pulled over. Radio off, interior lights on and both hands on the wheel. LEO asked for license, reg, etc. I notify him of the revolver, which is in plain sight anyway. He replies don’t touch it and we’ll have no problems. Turns out I have a rack attached to my hitch receiver that was blocking my lic plate. He talked to me for a minute about that and sent me on my way. About 45 minutes later as I’m getting into the valley, pulled over again. Same drill as before. This officer asks me to step out and stand in front of his car, because of the gun, while he runs my plates. Gives me the same covered lic plate talk and then some small talk about hunting and my last name, “do you know so & so ?”.
    Both officers were very professional and it seemed like them dealing w/ armed citizens was very routine.
    I will reassess how to use the rack to keep lic plate uncovered and avoid unnecessary stops in the future.
    All in all, very satisfied with the treatment from the 2 officers. Both were professional and courteous. I hope all future encounters are as pleasant.
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    Went about like it should have in both cases, first case was how I'd have done it.
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    ive been pulled over for something like that (truck bed lid was down and i had the factory plastic stuff over the plate, i pulled out my knife and cut it off instead of unbolting it (Lazy really) I usually just tell them I was already pulled over for it but Thank you for letting me know so I can take care of the problem so they dont have to go through the same routine. but all sounds about right
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    No LEO panic over a gun and no ticket...not a bad stop!
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    Good stop with no problems.

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    In States that issue licenses over time the LEO's have come to accept the fact that law abiding citizens aren't going to suddenly turn into killers because they have a gun.I remember watching film from the Texas Tower shooting back in the 60's where people were grabbing their hunting rifles and shooting back right alongside LEO's
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    Maybe you should relocate your plate if you tow alot.

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    Don'tcha imagine this is becoming more and more a common occurance? Since everyone is arming themselves more and more, it's probably an everyday happening, at least for LE. Ten years ago, or even five for that matter, about 98% were unarmed.

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    I can usually tell within seconds of a traffic stop, that the driver is a good citizen, or not...My usual response to those that tell me they're ccw is...."whatcha carrying, and how do you like it?" I frankly don't understand why every good citizen doesn't carry, I'm glad that good people do arm themselves and our Sheriff is very supportive of ccw. I hope your experience is the same, from other LEOs. Have a great day!
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