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Why Police Never Smile

This is a discussion on Why Police Never Smile within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I did not like the vidio. I am attending the funeral for the Denver police officer tomorrow. The second one this month. I don't like ...

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Thread: Why Police Never Smile

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    I did not like the vidio. I am attending the funeral for the Denver police officer tomorrow. The second one this month. I don't like " in the line of duty funerals".
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    I think it's a negative outlook at things..... and it's not all negative.
    I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts. --- Will Rogers ---
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    I have shared this on my face book page. I know there are bad Law Enforcement Officers, but it has been my experience that the good and honest officers far out number the few "bad apples". I respect them for the job they do and the vast majority do very well.
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    I'm so beyond sick of seeing people get murdered, shot, and intentionally injured. I've seen it plenty.

    Next time somebody wants to put a video up of a cop being shot repeatedly, complete with audio of him screaming in pain and indescribable terror, please, have a little class and at least give a warning.
    As we used to teach in the spook business, carry a 25 if it makes you feel good, but do not ever load it. If you load it you may shoot it. If you shoot it you may hit somebody, and if you hit somebody - and he finds out about it - he may be very angry with you. -- Jeff Cooper

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    I am proud to honor those in our Law Enforcement community. While I have issue with the law makers from time to time, I have the highest respect for police. I understand the job as much as I can and am humble enough to recognize their sacrifice.

    Yes, there is a lot of "legacy" in law enforcement and many know they want to be a cop before they are of age to do so. No officer wants to be an officer because they want to deal with the crap in society. Most do it because they want to make a difference and because somebody has to muster the strength needed to be spat on while being willing to take a bullet for that same stranger, for the sake of society and order. It's a lifestyle, not just a job.

    Officers choose to continue "the good fight" because it must be done. Not because they want to see a woman get abused week after week but she doesn't have the strength or security to prosecute, or see families broken over a 13yr old child committing suicide, or watch a new teen driver do drugs and kill himself behind the wheel, or respond to a home break in where an elderly woman was beat over a couple dollars, etc. Talk about great change for society, these men and women are the boots on the ground helping people through their worst moments in life.

    You see Hollywood hype, and the biggest cases that make headlines, or the biggest failures of the very few crooked cops. The average joe doesn't have any idea of the many lives that are touched by the local officer. It takes a special person to do the job being asked of them, in my book.

    Like the men overseas in uniform, I thank a local officer for his/her service!

    On the video, I thought it was ok. Could have been better, but better than not.
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    This is dusgusting. I'm ashamed at this nonsense.
    Our Military (all branches) go in harms way whenever ordered by competent civilian authority. Many do not come home. Every solder, sailor, marine, and airman stands ready to lay down their life to protect us all as a nation. However they are trained, equiped, and motivated to bring maximum pee upon any nation or organization that threaten the UNITED STATES, and her citizens. There is no military in the world IMO who could shine the boots on our fighting men and women.

    The Police being closer to civilian authority are more subject to political control. Far more often than the military the police are subject to political corruption. This IMO is the point that cause the most concern of some members. An example would be the militerization of some police, and police being used as a revenue stream. All of this really has nothing to do with the individual officer.

    Take a moment to look at the individual officer. This I think is the point the O/P is making. While the police are not and should never ever be considered the military, the military must never ever be allowed to subdtitute for the police. Two completely different skill sets. While some skills may be usefull in the other vocation, and they may share some skills. The comparrison is like apples and rocks. The experience of walking the streets of the inner city probably wont have s whole lot of positive effect on an individual involved in a tank battle, or a firefight in faluja. Same as being in a tank battle or a firefight in faluja will have little use to an officer settling a property dispute. Again apples and rocks. A rock will smash an apple... But the apple tastes better.

    The subject being the sacrifice that police officers make. Every active police officer gives parts of him/herself every day. Even on the routine and perfectly safe assignments. If a person has never been in armed combat in a theatre of war or military police action... they can never describe it. Same with the police. If you have never worked as a police officer for five or more years... You cant begin to understand what it's like.

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    GREAT post Secretspuk. Very encompassing.
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    21 posts deleted; I thought we had a little more class as a whole here on DC. Let's try again.
    Carry on.
    "Just blame Sixto"

    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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    Its a thankless job. Folks hate you, then they love you. It takes a different type of human to run into danger, and help. We see the bad all the time, we never see the good. It ticks me off. Take a step back and think to yourself, would I do that. They would.....
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    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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    Every time I smile, people back away, afraid I'm up to something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by claude clay View Post
    yet people choose this for their living. its a free choice.
    they have their reasons.
    i believe as many families have a generational blue streak in them that the decision is
    made with lots of advance knowledge.
    and even those who do not have a dad or grand dad to look to, have trained and studied -- college is required in many fields of law enforcement.
    one does not wake up and say im going to apply to be a police officer like getting a job with a lawn service.

    like a teacher or a accountant, its a choice.
    they are doing what they chose to do, eyes wide open.
    not like the draft of WW l or ll

    special is becoming overdone.
    because the police are not there to protect the individual
    and there are not enough of them anyways.....

    are those of us who chose to protect ourselves...special also?
    While I agree that the "average Joe" is a fine upstanding member of society, the police and our military are and will remain "special". Not because I am one but for the simple reason that when the shots fired call goes out, you will not find a single "average Joe" rushing to the scene and trying to be the first one there. It'll be a cop and he or she will be going to the aid of one or more "individuals" and putting their life on the line for someone they don't know and may have never met.

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    parts of the video were good, some not
    I don't like the title or the thought that we never smile, I smile...and laugh quite a bit at work, you have to in order to deal with some things, and because I'm human
    one minute I can smile since I'm helping someone with their problem and having a good conversation and ten minutes later I have a war face on because I'm dealing with an armed hostage taker or kicking in a front door to make entry in a house because a guy is beating his wife to death in the bedroom and the 7yo that called 911 is still hiding in the closet
    some can do this, some can't
    some officers smile when appropriate, some don't smile enough
    some officers do well and handle the job in the right way, some don't.....and it will catch up to them
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