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Bloomberg suggests cops go on strike nationwide

This is a discussion on Bloomberg suggests cops go on strike nationwide within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by paaiyan SCOTUS said they have no obligation to protect individuals. I fixed that in my previous quote, but the message is still ...

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Thread: Bloomberg suggests cops go on strike nationwide

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    Quote Originally Posted by paaiyan View Post
    SCOTUS said they have no obligation to protect individuals.
    I fixed that in my previous quote, but the message is still there, no duty to protect. Bloomy is wrong.
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    So would that mean Mr. Michael Bloomberg would give up his bodyguards in his friendly paradise that he has created, where people are no longer allowed to purchase a large soda or a large bag of popcorn you cannot carry a pocket knife in his city if the clip is exposed and he's even going after certain coffees because they are too fattening ((not allowed in his city)), I bet he keeps his bodyguards. And correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I know police are not obligated to protect you so how would that change anything, if they don't actually happened to bump into a robbery you are on your own, yes they will eventually come after somebody calls them to fill out all that lovely paperwork, but yet he has not went after alcohol there are more deaths per year because of that, but then some people will say yes but a gun was created to kill. But alcohol was created to distort your thinking and make you do bad things sometimes there are more alcohol related deaths then probably any other reason, so when that person sits down to drink alcohol and he knows that it will make him think differently do things he would never do and lose his ability to function properly and possibly injury to himself and others then he gets behind the steering wheel and kills so many people and that seems to be acceptable in our society, he gets prosecuted but that evil substance that he used, you can even get that in Walmart without a background check. I think I got a little off topic. So remember the next time you are getting mugged that the police are there protecting you as they usually do and hope they are not on strike otherwise, would be no reports made out no paperwork, and you would not have that little piece of paper to take home stating that you were mugged just in case you were not sure what happened to you

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    Mr. Bloomberg = hypocrite

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    I can't believe that. why doesn't just ask him why the officers that are sworn to protect the constitution would go on a strike to go against our ammendments in our constituion?

    you know, sometimes I wanna get into politics and just start fresh. install our constitution on people, then work from there. we are forgetting our ways. It's not just the 2nd ammendment either.
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    This moron lives in a fantasy land. He has absolutely no sense of how the world actually works. I'm sorry, but is the entire city of NY just brain-dead? How else could a wackjob like this guy stay in office?

    Also, yes. I would love to see an entire city/county/state's police force go on strike. I'll bet that will make the citizens mail their guns to bloomberg by the truckload.

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    I'd call him a moron, but that would be insulting to morons.
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    If the police go on strike it will get ugly quick,especially in NYC where most people aren't armed,murders rapes robberies etc will go thru the roof and Bloomberg should be charged with conspiracy
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    Even if there was a duty to protect, it is impossible to do so.

    Maybe cops should go on strike because of the twits the people elect for leadership.
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    I'm sorry, but Bloomberg's statement is so stupid it doesn't deserve a comment.

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    Colorado SHOULD listen to Bloomberg because........oh....wait....hold on, he hasn't "fixed" HIS city yet. Nevermind.
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    Blooming-idiot-berg... Making the types of statements only blooming idiots would make....

    Move along, nothing new here!
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    Hm. He's trying to make it doubly more dangerous for citizens, via erosion of the right to bear arms and elimination of police from the streets. Oh, criminals are gonna love him, if he's successful.
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    Piers Morgan had Alan Dershowitz on the same show after the Bloomberg interview. Between Piers and the loud mouthed Dershowitz, the poor pro gun guy they were supposed to be debating didn't even get a chance to speak his piece. Dershowitz is some piece of work.
    Piers Morgan And Alan Dershowitz Get In Heated Argument With Anti-Gun Control Advocate | Mediaite

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    What a fool. All the LEO 's I worked with had far to much class to do what he is suggesting. He is telling them to break the law (civil servants can't strike) , violate their oath and do it ...why? His city is a beacon of a crime free environment. He should be ashamed

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    As a LEO, I want as many people as possible carrying a defensive firearm. My only requirements would be that you obtain a permit legally, you are sane, and have at least an average amount of common sense.

    Imagine LEO's took his advice? Once SHTF, even Bloomburg himself couldnt afford those legal bills.

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