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Bloomberg suggests cops go on strike nationwide

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Thread: Bloomberg suggests cops go on strike nationwide

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    He's an idiot and not very useful........
    BE PREPARED - Noah didn't build the Ark when it was raining!
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    ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT,,, NOT ,,,,, HOW did someone so STUPID wind up
    with so much MONEY. A total WASTE. TWO PEAS from the same POD,,,,
    OBAMA & Bloomberg.

    I guess he does not CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE TAKE COULD GET KILLED because

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    Heh... The Editor in Chief of PoliceOne had a good response to this nutjob as well:
    10-43: All Units...
    with Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief

    Why officers won't do what Bloomberg suggests
    Why officers won't do what Bloomberg suggests

    Well, Mr. Bloomberg, I do understand why officers in this great nation will not do what you suggest.

    Because they have sworn an oath to protect their communities from criminals.

    They have studied diligently and trained vigorously to meet whatever evil that may confront them on the streets anytime they go 10-8.

    They have taken it upon themselves to be the sheepdogs protecting the flock from the wolves.

    They take their duties seriously, and no matter where they stand on the Second Amendment in the United States Constitution Bill of Rights, they approach their jobs with professionalism and valor so great that it will forever evade your imagination.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    Well-written piece, with the honor of refusing such a ludicrous call squarely where it belongs: at its core. I'm hoping he sent it as a letter to Mr. B, in addition to posting it on

    Kudos to Mr. Borelli.
    maybe we should print and mail it to his office from all across the country since he wants to get on his idiotic grandstand and tell the rest of the country what we should do

    why we don't take your advice Mr. Wacko Bloomingidiot-berg?
    -I have more integrity, guts, and dedication to my job and the oath I took the day my wife pinned my badge on me in one of my fingernails, than you have all together in your brainless egotistical wacko
    -because no matter what the pinhead, ignorant, pansy politicians propose, condone, or put into law, we will still bust our behinds to protect and serve, my fellow citizens deserve that much

    hey bout you propose putting dirtbags in prison and keep them there for the duration of their sentences so they don't keep being dirtbags on the street, instead of going after an inanimate object that can only kill when the human being handling it decides to pull the trigger
    that would make all of us a little more happy and safe
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