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Question: If you could revamp the penalties for felonies, misdemeanors ...

This is a discussion on Question: If you could revamp the penalties for felonies, misdemeanors ... within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Cold Shot ... consensual sex ... after she says stop. She feels even more guilty in the morning and calls the police ...

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Thread: Question: If you could revamp the penalties for felonies, misdemeanors ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cold Shot View Post
    ... consensual sex ... after she says stop. She feels even more guilty in the morning and calls the police and a lawyer and maybe even embellishes the story a bit. That guy deserves life/death penalty?
    No, of course not. No injuries, no proof of threats or coercion, no corroborating evidence beyond the claim. Single-person he-said/she-said situations are tough. They shouldn't be slam-dunks merely based on unsubstantiated claims and assertions, IMO. Conviction should be based on proof.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cold Shot View Post
    And then there are guns. Say you as an upstanding CC permit holder are out ... when a guy tries to mug you with a knife. You shoot him. The police ... drawing your blood, which shows a .01 BAC, which is illegal in your state if you're carrying a gun. You think you should be in prison for life?
    No, I don't. Such information should come out when all the rest does. IMO, claims of self-defense should be the default, and claims otherwise should need to be proved. Merely having had a drink doesn't erase the fact of the unlawful, unprovoked deadly assault, nor does it negate the legitimacy of defending oneself against it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cold Shot View Post
    But I can't sit here and say that an 18 yo kid should be sentenced to life without parole for some mistake.
    If that "mistake" is a violent felony that was cold and calculated, one that put another's life at immediate risk, it's hard to blithely dismiss it as a mere "mistake." That's where the dividing line occurs in our current system; IMO, that's where it would need to occur in any alternate system.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cold Shot View Post
    These super strict laws that people speak of might deter crime, but do hardcore criminals really care about laws? Don't they just roll around doing whatever they want, regardless of the consequences?
    Right. Hence calling a spade a spade: recognizing the revolving-door cycle as not being any sort of deterrent, creating an actual, practical deterrent in its place. A few years sequestered in crime school, recidivism be damned, and they're out, able to commit their heinous crimes again. Changes to erase that would deter those people by erasing their ability to do such things again. Short of that, it's no real deterrent.
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    Your best weapon is your brain. Don't leave home without it.
    Thoughts: Justifiable self defense (A.O.J.).
    Explain: How does disarming victims reduce the number of victims?
    Reason over Force: Why the Gun is Civilization (Marko Kloos).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad426 View Post
    I would start with any crime that involved the use of a firearm would be a life sentence. No three strikes... you use a gun when committing a crime and that is strike three. Watch how much better that would work than any gun control law at stopping gun violence.

    And then I'd bring back the concept of prison entailing smashing big rocks into little rocks all day long. After that I'm open to suggestions.
    Careful. In my state, merely leaning a loaded rifle (while hunting) against the bumper of a car/truck is considered "having a loaded long gun in a MV", arrestable and currently makes one a lifetime DQ person in MA. That "gun crime" certainly doesn't deserve a life sentence in prison!

    I'm all for "workfare" sentences for prisoners. Let them do road construction, clearing debris on highways, pick up litter, etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by sgb View Post
    All Misdemeanors would be punishable by 364 days in jail or less and would include a public works program.
    Domestic Violence would be redefined into misdemeanor and felony categories.
    Felonies would be divided into violent and non-violent categories. ONLY violent Felonies would involve losing 2nd amendment rights.
    Non-violent felony convictions would involve state run work programs.
    All violent felony convictions would serve full sentences with no parole. Two violent felony convictions results in a life sentence.
    All death penalty convictions would be carried out by public hanging and must be executed within two years of sentence.
    I like your ideas.

    Quote Originally Posted by sigmanluke View Post
    No more waiting 30+ years to carry out a death sentence. All appeals should be exhausted in 1 year, MAX. Violent crimes and crimes involving weapons automatically carry a death sentence. No more over crowding, no more light sentences. REAL punishment for crimes, let's make the consequences a deterrence. If they don't deter the crime from being committed, carry them out swiftly. Let the criminals know there are real punishments for their actions.
    See my comments above. Need to be careful about this.

    All convicted rapists (violent, unwanted sex) should be executed upon conviction. [Sex between BF/GF when one or both are underage, when consensual and within a few years difference in age should NOT be a crime, period!]
    Domestic Violence needs to be re-defined. Right now if I yell at my Wife, she can claim DV and I lose my rights. DV with violent action is one thing, verbal "abuse" (arguing) is something I would not categorize as a crime. It also should be "graded", slapping someone's butt with an open hand is very different from taking a tire iron to their face and the punishment should reflect the severity and not be "one size fits all".
    Death penalty for those convicted of mayhem, murder, attempt to murder with extreme violence!
    Drunk drivers, drug addict convictions should require the person to work in hospital ERs, other environments where they can see the damage done, perhaps help others, and provide real service as part of their punishment.

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    In my opinion...

    as far as legal systems go... Ours is the best in the world. The right to absoloute counsul, the right to not incriminate ones self, The presumption of innocence, the right to confront your accusor, the right to not have cruel and unusual pinishment used against you, The right to examine evidence used against you, The right to judicial appeal, right to a trial by a jury of peers. It go's on and on... It's easy to suggest harsh, and difficult punishment for various violations of crime... Unless of course it's you or someone you care about.

    Each municipality, city, and state has it's own set of laws... Thousands of them. The federal government has so many laws that no one person knows them all. The local government's and the federal government has infinate power, finances, and resources... All in array against you. The only thing we the individuals have working for us is our constitutionally protected rights, and jurisprudence. As I said... it all sounds good untill all that power, and resources is aimed at me.

    I am against the death penalty. I dont believe the state has the right to play GOD. Man is imperfect, as are all his works. It's to easy to put someone to death based on political, racial, popular views, vengence, or other petty reasons... none coming near the seriousness of taking a persons life. The death penalty is not reversable. A dead person can never be made whole again, if put to death by mistake. However I do believe the death penalty should be available to each citizen as their right to defend themself. A person who takes another life in self defense not for vengence, or politics, or any other reason... but to insure his or her own survival.

    We have far too many laws. It's almost impossible to be a completely legal. Too often a legal person id confused with an honest person. And everyone makes mistakes. I beliee that every law with criminal consiquences should be based in one of the 10 commandments. Really... what more do we need?

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    I find it very funny that in a court of law... the only person who can plead ignorance of the law... Is a lawyer.

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