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Do you have anything that I should know about?

This is a discussion on Do you have anything that I should know about? within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; In my experience most officers don't ask to search a vehicle at random. I personally have never asked for permission to search a vehicle if ...

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Thread: Do you have anything that I should know about?

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    In my experience most officers don't ask to search a vehicle at random. I personally have never asked for permission to search a vehicle if I didn't think that I could get a warrent to search it in the first place. Most of my searches were either after arrest, or becasue they had a pipe smoldering in the ashtray and a bag of weed between their legs. I have not been a LEO for 12 years now, but I really don't think that thiings have changed that much.
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    My vehicles are posted "No Fishing" zones.

    Having said that, the last time I was pulled over was 4 years ago, and that was for expired tags - which I had the new ones in my console, just had not put them on yet.

    4 years Prior to that, it was on my way home from Tech school at 23:30 as a "suspicion of DUI"...on a Wednesday night, on my motorcycle. I broke no traffic laws, I was just a better rider than the officer (not my fault he can't take a left turn @ 30 mph w/o crossing the traffic lanes - READ cutting the corner & swinging wide), who given his estimated age, I had been riding a motorcycle longer than he had been alive. 45 minuets of my time (and 3 other officers surrounding me... literally) and let go with a threat of "reckless driving" summons. That would have been a fun day in court.

    Never got round to asking about anything in my bags (dresser bike). Was too PO'd that I blew a 0.0 on his breathalyzer when he knew (his gut) I was drunk.

    Don't break the traffic laws and you won't get pulled over. Pretty simple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlr1m View Post
    I notice many threads on this form and others where folks mention LEO's asking them this question during traffic stops. Am I alone in thinking that the only thing the officer needs to know about would be possible criminal activity or anything you might be required by law to notify them about? That if what I have with me, if not illegal, is nothing he needs to know about? Is the axe, machete, chainsaw or fertilizer any of his business? What about the soda pop, chips and that sweet rifle I just picked up at the gun shop?

    A cop buddy of mine once said they ask broad, open questions like that just to see how you react. Your body language will tell them more than your verbal answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterB View Post
    I agree. There are some good guys out there that wear a badge. That being said, I feel it should be a crime for an officer to ask a citizen a question or for permission to do something that they are not obligated to answer or permit. People assume that if an officer asks something, that it must be something that they are required to answer or allow to take place. Well, at least they'll assume this once, until they figure out your shady games. This just all creates a climate of mistrust of law enforcement. You can't have it both ways, wanting respect and cooperation, and then letting people down by asking questions and permission you know they are not bound to comply with. Mind you, not everyone you have a suspicion of wrong doing has done something wrong
    It should be a crime if an officer asks a driver "Have you been drinking?" when the officer pulls the guy over for swerving all over the road????

    You do realize that if an officer pulls me over, sees me covered in blood with a severed head and knife in my lap, I am still under no obligation to answer any of his questions, right? It should be a crime for an officer to ask me "Hey now, what's up with the knife, blood, and severed head?"

    C'mon. No offense to the hard work of LEO friends out there, but a lot of crime solving relies of the stupidity of the criminal and the criminal's willingness to answer incriminating questions (even after they have been advised of their rights).

    As for everyday Janes and Joes, they need to be aware of their rights. Don't you think some of the responsibility rests on the citizen to know his or her rights?

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    "Well officer, I have a hang nail on my left big toe, and I think I contacted the flu yesterday, I've been spending most the day on the toilet!" "What, you asked if there was anything you should know!"
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