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    Exclamation Fox News Thread

    Read some of the responses to "What would you do if you were President for a day" IRT the PA school shootings,2933,217322,00.html

    My Response:
    I would support Senator Allen's bill to allow nation-wide reciprocity of concealed weapons permits--similiar to a driver's license, if you have a permit from your home state, you may legally carry a concealed weapon in any other state that has a concealed carry law. Police cannot be everywhere all of the time--parents and responsible adults must be responsible for the their safety and the safety of those left in their charge.

    While the kneejerk reaction may be to ban firearms, I think history has shown us that you cannot "ban" items to prevent bad things from happening. If this sick individual had driven his truck through the school, would we discuss banning trucks within 1000ft of a school?

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    Some of the responses are the poor, sad, typical anti- rant...they just don't seem to get the policies they spout of are socialist, nanny-state mantra and *do not* address how to stop a loon from shooting up a school (school uniforms, parent check-in, metal detectors)...gee--ya think the Amish would want metal detectors in their schools?...and do you really think it would have stopped him?

    There were quite a few "let's get rid of the GFSZ" entries....yay!

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    For that matter, it was a one room wooden structure. He could have secured the doors and set the thing on fire.

    Blaming the gun is an idiot's response.

    Sadly, we have many idiots in our political system.

    Battle Plan (n) - a list of things that aren't going to happen if you are attacked.
    Blame it on Sixto - now that is a viable plan.

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    well, hopefully, Fox will be a little more balanced with the comments that they post than BBC. There are some good opinions that made it, along with the usual fascist gun-banners and violent video game censors.

    I sent them this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Me
    The reason that schools are so often targetted by these kind of nuts, regardless of their motivations, is that the school is a "safe zone". A criminal, by definition, does not care that they are breaking the law by taking a weapon into a school, but they know that because everybody else will follow the law, their weapon will be the only one, and they will be in very little danger while they carry out their crime.

    Allowing teachers, faculty, parents, and other law-abiding adults to arm themselves in schools, just as they can be armed in other places, will shatter the idea (at this point, the correct idea) that schools are easy targets for criminals. Law-abiding citizens should have the means to defend themselves and the children under their care from any harm, especially from the danger of an armed attack. The bottom line is that a "Gun-Free" zone is "Criminal-Safe." Criminals do not deserve that safety.

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    good response
    US Paratroopers give the enemy maxnimum opportunity to give his life for his country

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