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Need help from any law enforcment on here

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Thread: Need help from any law enforcment on here

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    Non-LEO Opinion:

    I think the one-strike and you're out policy that many employers have regarding DUI(or any other serious offense) is Bull...
    Broad, all-encompassing policies to establish a minimum or standard for punishment(or corrective action) are just a way for leadership and supervisors to be lazy when a subordinate makes a mistake.

    An ideal way to operate would be to allow supervisors/commanders to deal with first-time offenses(of any kind) as they deem appropriate. A second offense should then be investigated and dealt with by an independent party(including investigation of the supervisor).

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    LEO here:

    DUI in Colorado = You lose your license. We have to have a valid DL to be a cop. Our main enforcement is DUI so getting picked up for one will get you fired 100%. I hear it all the time from normal DUI offenders,"I'm going to lose my job over this" like its my fault or like i put the bottle in your hand.

    Same with domestic violence. Zero tolerance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by remingtondude58 View Post
    To anyone on here who is in law enforcement,

    I am currently a student in Macomb Community College's law enforcement program. I was hoping you could answer a question for me. What are your thoughts on officers returning to the job after an arrest for operating while intoxicated. If you would be willing, please PM me your thoughts, and also if you would be willing, your name and department. (I assure you that your name and department will be separate from your thoughts on the issue.) Also, if any non-LE people out there would be willing to give me their thoughts, that would be great, but really need the LE.

    Thank you!

    Matt Spiteri
    I don't think we punish DUI firmly enough in this country. I would vote for immediate termination - unless, of course this is an English test. You don't state the LEO is arrested and the query could also be read that he made the arrest - in which case he goes right back on the job.
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    Texas will pull an LEO's peace officer license for TEN years if he is convicted of DWI/DUID. That is, effectively, a career-killer. To top it off, many jobs that involve driving government or company vehicle require that an employee have no DWI/DUID convictions. One former colleague, of my acquaintance, learned this the hard way; last I knew, he was a self-employed home repair guy. It will be interesting to see if he can find LE employment after the ten-year period has elapsed, and it is not like the peace officer license is simply reinstated. One must undergo the hundreds of hours of training, academic and physical, involved in obtaining the peace officer's license from scratch.

    As for my feelings on the subject, well, I cannot say I disagree with the way Texas now handles this, though it can result in wasted talent, sometimes. The colleague I described was a very good, experienced crime scene unit guy, which included being an instructor in that field. Could
    he not have been retained, in a civilian capacity, which did not involve driving agency vehicles?

    The ten-year suspension of the peace officer license is actually fairly new. Before that, in was something like one or two years, and my PD would somerimes retain such officers, giving them an admin type of civilian assignment somewhere, for the year or two it took to get the peace officer license reinstated. Of course, this assignment would start after they served a very hefty unpaid suspension period. In one case, this was a good move, as the officer redeemed himself well, working as an investigator. In another case, the officer returned as a low performer, and was eventually forced to retire.
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