Hello Everyone I am new to this site but I have questions regarding the Act 235 Process in PA. I just did my psych and medical eval yesterday and will be going to the State Police Barracks tomorrow to get my finger prints and turn in my application. After I turn in my application about how long does it take to get the approval letter so I can register for the course? After I have completed and passed the course how long does it take to get my certification card? I am assuming I can not carry a weapon until I physically have the card in hand. Also the school I am looking at offers Baton, OC Spray, Handcuffing and Rifle certifications. For people that work at places that require Act 235 would this make me more hireable?

Lastly what does the Act 235 course entail? Is it really an intense course? I am a novice shooter, since I do not have much experience will I have a problem passing the course? With the certification when does that allow me to carry a firearm? I know on the job I can carry but going to and from work can I carry non concealed?