Cops in the "D"

Cops in the "D"

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Thread: Cops in the "D"

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    Cops in the "D"

    Well, you don't have to worry a lot about the police in Detroit, and stray bullets, they usually get enough shooting in that they hit what they are aiming at.

    From article;
    An off-duty Detroit police officer fatally shot a 25-year-old Detroit man early Thursday when, police said, the man shot at the officer as he tried to intervene in what police characterized as "a domestic altercation."

    Glad the officer wil be alright.
    Chump having a squabble with his better half, most likely getting out of sorts(here in the D the guys[thugs] who frequently are read about in the news take things to a whole new level) thinks he's gonna show the "Pig" who the man is.
    TOO bad!!!!!!!!! for the chump.

    Off-duty Detroit officer fatally shoots man after trying to intervene in altercation | City of Detroit | Detroit Free Press |
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    Even 10-8 a domestic call is NEVER routine, off-duty and getting into it is worse IMO.

    Glad the officer is gonna be ok.....
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    I understand that the aforementioned dirtbag is now into a dispute with this guy...
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    Just don't do this without benefit of the shield.... The survivor will sue the pants off you.
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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