New Tool For Law Enforcement: DNA Gun

New Tool For Law Enforcement: DNA Gun

This is a discussion on New Tool For Law Enforcement: DNA Gun within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I came across this item and thought the community might find it of interest. It is a new type of gun that marks individuals with ...

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Thread: New Tool For Law Enforcement: DNA Gun

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    New Tool For Law Enforcement: DNA Gun

    I came across this item and thought the community might find it of interest. It is a new type of gun that marks individuals with a pellet that can be used to trace/track them for several weeks. The link contains a video of a pistol and rifle in action along with the result on a person.

    DNA gun that can invisibly tag criminals for weeks after a riot | Mail Online
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    I strongly dislike this concept.

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    Won't pass the mag capacity limit.

    "The gun comes in both pistol and shotgun form, with the power to fire 20 shots in one session."

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    DNA? Surely, there is a cheaper solution to paint on people than that. I wonder if a facility that runs DNA testing came up with this idea.... Still, what a stupid concept. Now the police can respond weeks after an incident instead of immediately. Hurray.

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    I don't see that happenig her as the LEOs know as soon as they open up with that pellet gun, someone else will open up with something bigger. Them Brits ain't got that option.
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    I can see a tagged burglar stealing the dna gun and well going on a shooting spree. Or they just lay low for a few weeks... seriously there is a riot are the police going to goto every residence with a light looking for a perp.

    Dont think for a second that bgs in england arent armed.

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    So, let me get this straight.
    Someone does something wrong, gets "shot" with this, & gets away.
    Now what?
    How will the police find them?

    From article;

    The DNA tag can be identified later on using a UV light and is designed to ensure that officers are arresting the right person.

    What are they going to do after that, set up UV lights on every corner, inside restaurants, malls, department stores, schools, workplaces, grocery stores, ETC ETC,,,,,,,,,

    Theres a sucker born every minute.......
    Lots of liberal mayors around this country will stand in line for one of these, thinking they will corner the market on solving crime.
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