The following statement was drafted and unanimously approved by the Arkansas Sheriff’s Association this past week.

“The Arkansas Sheriff’s Association supports the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment rights of our citizens’. We recognize the recent increase in violence and mass shootings have raised questions relating to the sale and possession of firearms. The Arkansas Sheriff’s Association further believes that we must hold offenders responsible, not law abiding citizens.

The Arkansas Sheriff’s Association does support enforcement of the existing gun laws and the strengthening of current back ground checks including identifying individuals with mental health issues. The Arkansas Sheriff’s Association does not support legislation that restricts current gun possession or sales to our citizens that weakens our 2nd Amendment rights.

In converstation with a couple of Sheriffs and CLEO's they DO NOT support the Universal Background Checks, with the understanding that it is nothing more than a registration scheme and a further infringement of the Second Amendment. Its good to see that at least some people are getting it.

And, yesterday at the Capitol, the Church Carry bill was approved and is on the way to be signed by the Governor. It did include a clause that makes it vaild upon the Governors signature, meaning that one wont have to wait the usual 90 day period for it to go into effect.

Maybe the rest of America will eventually catch on.

On second thought...NAH. Aint happenin. With New Yawk,Calipornia and a few other states that live under MOB rule, I dont see it happening.