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"The Man who shot Osama bin Laden...is screwed"

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Thread: "The Man who shot Osama bin Laden...is screwed"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chorizo View Post
    Protect him? From what, his own stupidity? People make choices in life, he took his path and now he wants to cry about it. I did 21 years and was finally disabiity retired for injuries received in the first Gulf War that kept me from doing my job. He knew what he was giving up when he left, he has 5 years of medical care coming to him from the VA (who BTW does a great job for me and many others who I know), but if he thinks he is "special" and wants "special" benefits for his family and for himself and get retirement benefits 4 years short of the mark all of us need to serve or have served, then he is truly "Special" in the mental sense.

    If he has a medical issue tied to his service, then he needs to file a disability claim with the VA.....oh yeah, that's right, he already did that as he had to do that when he received his out-processing and his briefing that he would receive 5 years of free medical care from the VA. Come to think of it..............this clown isn't "special", he is a fraud and a crybaby.

    As was said of crybabies when I was active duty, "If he wants to find sympathy, he needs to look between s**t and syphillus in the dictionary".
    I'm with you, the more I read about the other side of the story, the more agitated I get. Unfortunately, it's probably as much the "reporter" sensationalizing, as it is the former SEAL responding to life as everyone else has to deal with it. I'm guessing both are equally guilty of sensationalizing a non-story and trying to create something where nothing exists.
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    According to the author of the book "No easy day" 3 members of the team pumped some bullets in him. He was supposedly still moving and breathing.

    Who sent the face shot ?..................Don't know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    No, he's not "screwed." It's journalistic sensationalism.

    Unless he was kicked out early, he knew the consequences of leaving the service prior to retirement, just as do all other service members who leave. No one who leaves at the end of their enlistment receives a pension or medical care without some sort of disability. If he didn't wish to continue the "SeAL" life, I'm sure he could have found a slot elsewhere to fill in the Navy. And he'll probably get better treatment and service thru the VA then I do as a retiree.

    Separated but still living with loving wife? A bit odd there.

    He's only facing the issues every service member faces upon re-entering the civilian world. It ain't easy, I know. He made a career decison, so now he has to live with it. We all have to do that, without making headlines. I find it a bit shameful to project him as some poor, poor, mistreated hero.
    As a retired veteran, I agree wholeheartedly; he was in for 16 years and like anyone with that many years in, knew very well how it works.
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    Osama Bin laden died in Dec 2001. If you care to check the web.

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    I was in that situation and needed money, I would get an agent and a ghost writer. A NYT best seller will do wonders for a bank account.
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