Opinions on this arrest?

Opinions on this arrest?

This is a discussion on Opinions on this arrest? within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; FL Deputy Threatens to Shoot Concealed Carry Licensee and Arrests Him for Lawfully carried Handgun - YouTube I think the cop was very unreasonable....

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Thread: Opinions on this arrest?

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    Opinions on this arrest?

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    This has been on here before. Yes, the cop was unprofessional, but the driver was unwise to get out of the vehicle as he did. You aren't going to disclose, then sit in the seat with your hands on the wheel.
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    I hope that was staged....if not, I'd like an explanation of his behavior by his superiors......especially after the man said he was a valid permit holder.....the cop was irrational...IMO.....he should have disarmed the man and asked him to stay in the car.

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    All charges were dropped. The LEO moved on to other employment. All a long time ago. Under current FL law, there would be no grounds at all for the charges.
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    I think the cop was a little over reative, but the guy shouldn't have gotten out of the car, and should have informed the LEO he had a permit to carry and was carrying. Poor judgement o both sides of this issue.
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    I think that cop had just finished watching this episode of miami vice:

    Fast Pistol Draw - Miami Vice - YouTube

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    Interesting video clip. After firing two shots, he ejects his magazine onto the ground and racks the slide so his pistol is now totally empty. That's a weird after-action procedure.

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    Being around a cop with a concealed weapon is a dangerous proposition

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    Driver made bad mistake when he got out of the van. Always keep hands on your steering wheel and stay in the vehicle. The cop did the right thing by getting him in cuffs for his saftey, I say that only because I find it suspicious when someone exits the vehicle.. However, This cop should of let him go that's totally B.s. to take that guy to jail. There is no grounds to take him to jail. If stupidity were a crime we all would be in prison.. Cop way over reacted after the cuffs were on.

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    I watched the first part of this video several times. The LEO seemed very friendly, even after the driver left his vehicle (mistake) and up until the cop spotted the gun. Even afterward, the cop asked very calmly why the driver was carrying. He also asks politely for him to put his hands on the car. The driver's hesitation (and previous actions) is what seemed to get the cop excited and possibly he could have kept his cool a bit longer. However, the driver seemed unsteady to me, fumbling for his driver's license and though he didn't resist, he also didn't comply very quickly and actually turns toward the cop and faces him (could be construed as threatening). I think these events lead to what we see (or hear) in the remainder of the video. Definitely could have been handled better by both parties.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    All charges were dropped. The LEO moved on to other employment. All a long time ago. Under current FL law, there would be no grounds at all for the charges.
    I've seen this video before today. I think the stop was because the driver had expired plate tags or some such. Irregardless the drivers first mistake was Getting Out. Cops HATE IT when you get out! They immediately feel challenged and take their own SA up a Big Notch.

    Number 2 the driver Tried To Tell the cop he had a carry permit AND was armed. But the cop would NOT let driver utter a simple complete sentence. Instead the cop hollered at the driver non stop. As soon as the cop saw part of the holstered handgun he just went bozo nuts.

    That driver is really lucky to be still breathing IMHO. In the very few times I've been pulled over while armed I immediately place both hands on the steering wheel. As soon as the cop gives me a chance I say I have a carry permit and I am armed. This has happened once or twice in my whole life. The stop went fine and I went my way w/o incident.
    I'm not required in WA to advise the officer of my status but to me it is COMMON SENSE TO DO SO.

    It is refreshing to see the cop lost his job. I would personally like to see that he would NEVER work in LE never again. Perhaps a school crossing job or working the front counter at a fast food joint would be more appropriate given his demeanor working with the public at large.
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