Care Package headed to Iraq

Care Package headed to Iraq

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Thread: Care Package headed to Iraq

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    Care Package headed to Iraq

    I've got a buddy in Iraq and a couple friends and myself are thinking about sending him a care package.

    NEEDED: Ideas on what to send over. I know phone cards, we are sending him car mags, and Dakota Kids Sunflower seeds, but after that we could use some idea's.
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    I've sent over some goodies, one of the big requests was Pop Tarts. Also cooked up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Also had requests for good, wicking socks.
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    Mountain House makes a good change from MREs and mess tent food.
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    Don't forget to send things like HOO-AHHS, they are a disposable field towel that they can use to wash with when a shower is scarce.

    Also winter is coming & is does get cold at night.

    Throw in a few knives to give to his buddies.

    Send as much as you can,not only for him but his buddies too.....

    Reading material is always great....they make the rounds as wells.
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    I've been sending care packages over for a while now. I've gotten some great advice and learned a few things along the way.

    The Post Office has Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes that they provide free. Be sure to get one of the FLAT RATE boxes. Anything and everything you can stuff into that box will ship for the flat rate, no matter what it weighs. I use these exclusively.

    The website about has a list of suggested items. There are other sites like this if you want to search for them. The idea is to bring up things that you may not think of on your own.

    The soldier I'm supporting over there now went to high school with my youngest son. He had some specific gear requests for me, as a "gun guy" that his family wouldn't know where to get. Hopefully you'll have communication with yiour troop and can tailor the packages to his wants and needs. Most of them seem to have regular access to email and a lot of them are using

    Good Luck, and thanks for supporting the troops!

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    All my son kept asking for was top ramon and beef jerky
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    From being over there (after the first war, not during this one and in Saudi, not Iraq):

    Beef Jerkey / Sticks. The stuff they had in the BX/PX if they had it was dry as could be.

    Anything else snack wise that did not need to be refridgated.

    Reading materials, local paper.

    Do they have a place that they can go and watch TV/DVDs/VHS? If so then DVD's/Tapes (but be careful, if they are set up so that the government can scan your mail first, and if they are still sticking with religious rule, some movies will be taken because they are too "western").

    Clean underwear/T-shirts (make sure that they are the right type/color to go under the camo's.). As well as socks.

    (you'd be surprised how much just a clean pair of undies, socks and T-shirt feels even when your camo's are so dirty and sticky cause you haven't been able to get to the laundry).

    Cards, dominoes. You'd be surprised how many card games you can learn while over there. I also learned how to play dominoes, fun game.

    That hand/body cleaner that doesn't need water.

    General Tolitries(sp) also, tooth paste, combs, tooth brushes, etc.. Get those travel kits if you can.

    Oh yeah, reading materials (it can get boring over there).

    Just a few things.


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    What they really need and you cant send,Booze,Porn,pistols,body armor.

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    Send DVDs...doesn't matter the title (they do sell most titles in the BX/PX for those who can get there)

    Gun mags...they get sold out quickly.

    weapon cleaning kits (bore snakes pretty popular)

    ...that's at the top of my list

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    Under Armor,
    Beef Jerky,
    Baby wipes,
    good sun glasses,
    good gloves,
    salty snacks in small bags (like you get in bulk at Sam's),
    home made cookies,
    prepaid PX card,
    drink flavoring such as pre-sweetened cool aid or crystal light,
    These are just a few of the things I have sent to my Nephew, I tend to use the small snack bags as packing material waste no space, and the post office has flat rate boxes stuff them full and regardless of the weight the price to send is the same.
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    We sent ( a fiew times ) FRESH TUBE TYPE SOCKS the wallyworld packs , home baked cookies , a couple of new cd's ( assuming you know the guys music ) and phone cards , i understand that if you dont need any of this package , well its tradable for what you do need lol . other than that what we sent was on a personal level to lighten the deployment as much as possible .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakotaranger View Post
    I've got a buddy in Iraq and a couple friends and myself are thinking about sending him a care package.

    NEEDED: Ideas on what to send over. I know phone cards, we are sending him car mags, and Dakota Kids Sunflower seeds, but after that we could use some idea's.
    Oh! I just thought of one I never see mentioned. Consider tobacco products. Especially Copenhagen. The stuff that gets over there is not the same as what is sold in the US and is usually terrible. Even if the soldier in question is not a tobacco user, he will have a friend that will appreciate it greatly. I know guys that brought the legal limit of tobacco back with them from leave because of the poor quality of what was available there. A friend of mine sent me a cartoon of cigarettes, and it was one of the best things ever to recieve.

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    I have sent coffee creamer, m&m's, quality coffee, jeep g-string (long story), some T's.

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    we collected over $550 and sent over 22 care packages

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