Range Report from Reserve Academy

Range Report from Reserve Academy

This is a discussion on Range Report from Reserve Academy within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Throughout the pre-range weapons training, all the other students (and instructors) good-naturedly were kidding me about shooting my antiquated 1911. (The Police dept. that puts ...

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Thread: Range Report from Reserve Academy

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    Range Report from Reserve Academy

    Throughout the pre-range weapons training, all the other students (and instructors) good-naturedly were kidding me about shooting my antiquated 1911. (The Police dept. that puts on the Academy requires all their Officers to carry Glocks.) Well, they started to kid me today as well, as we started shooting. We ran some dry drills and then live-fire drills and ended the day with a live-fire practice run of the qualification that we will shoot next Saturday. At least at this point, they aren't laughing anymore The OLD MAN out-shot all of them with a score of 97% (of course I had to carry about 7 Mags to get the 50 rounds )
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    Well, Padre, I for one am proud to know that someone our age (I assume we about the same age because I got the same treatment) got the better of the young whipper snappers. WTG.
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    Ha! Well Done!
    Stop whining and go do something that makes a difference!
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    It always makes me smile when the old school beats the new breed, ( which happens often), and with " antiquated weapons to boot.

    I've had the honor of having the highest score every qual session for the last 17 years. Started with the 357 mag, then 10mm, then 9mm and now 40.
    A lot of these newcomers couldn't hit a bull in the butt with a bass fiddle.
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    I'm seriously concerned about a class of cadets that isn't smart enough to know better than to doubt the "old" guy with a gun, 1911 or otherwise. Kids . . . what are you gonna do?

    Once, back in my military days, I had a young pup (all-about-me, Gen X type) threaten to kick my butt. I agreed that he might be able to, but I guaranteed him he'd never give an instant's thought about trying for seconds because there wouldn't be enough of him left to try it. He quickly backed down and never crossed the "old" guy again.
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    Shot my first "Practical Pistol" course with a .357 Ruger Blackhawk and took first due to 100% hits. My time was slow, but the accuracy paid off. At the time it was the only centerfire handgun I owned.

    Leason? Don't underestimate the guy who knows his equipment and how to use it.
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    Good shooting! Thats the way to show the youngsters how its done! Age and treachery beats youthful ignorance every time.

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    Jocularity! Jocularity! Jocularity! </Father Mulcahey voice>

    Good on you, padre!

    Learn them whippersnappers!

    Yeah, I got tapatalk, too. So what?
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    I expected no less…..

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