Honoring Vets

Honoring Vets

This is a discussion on Honoring Vets within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; As I was perusing Facebook this morning, here are just some of the pictures posted honoring those who gave everything to defend this country and ...

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Thread: Honoring Vets

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    Honoring Vets

    As I was perusing Facebook this morning, here are just some of the pictures posted honoring those who gave everything to defend this country and what it stands for.

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    Thanks for posting these.

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    Memorial Day Tribute -- video on YouTube.
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    Thank you for posting I really enjoyed those. If that doesn't give you a tingle throughout your body and you don't take a moment to thank all who have served, you are unAmerican.

    Thanks to all who have served and are serving. My hats off to you and we owe you more than you will ever recieve

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    I got myself a Moto Tat in time for Memorial day this year.

    For those that don't know what a Moto Tattoo is, it's a tattoo that's related to your branch of service.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post

    That song makes me tear up a little every time.

    A good friend of mine that I was roommates with in MOS school was killed in Afghanistan on February 5th, 2011 by an IED.
    RIP Sgt. Pyeatt.
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    It is very hard to not get emotional especially for those that lost a family member.
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    I've been to a lot of funerals of WWII vets, who I knew as a little kid growing up. Who as I got older, told me the stories.... I could pry out of them, when they didn't want me to. I saw some of the strongest men, with tears rolling down their face as they remembered, and remembered the blood, the battle, but most of all ... their friends who didn't make it. I put a flag out for each of them I can each year, because their families don't remember, don't want to remember or are no longer around. But, they aren't going to be forgotten.

    AS I put those flags on their graves, sometimes people will ask me, "were they in the military" .... I can tell them the units they served, the battles they fought, and ..... about the men behind it all. I hope to leave them something to remember them by.

    And they were, the best people I ever met in my life...... and the best "examples" for me to ever grow up around.

    And I save one man for last........ his son even once made a comment to me, "I've always been curious everytime I go to the cemetery to see his grave .. someone has put out two flags for him... but his friends are all dead & I have no idea who's doing it " ... and I just smile and never say a word. He has a friend, who's not dead.

    Sam.... a man that all of the others .... said was their hero. He was funny, enjoyed life, loved people, would give you the shirt off your back..... and who would NEVER tell you anything about when he fought in WWII with the others. But they did. In fact, every one of them had the highest respect for him. All of them said the same thing.... "If you were in a real battle for your life, you wanted to be next to Sam..... Sam was fierce in a battle, he was even a bit crazy, and we realized...... Sam fought so hard and was so determined ... because he wasn't going to let anyone harm his friends, even if he had to take on the entire German Army by himself".

    He gets two flags... one from me, and one big one .... from his "friends". I always figured I owed them that.... I know they would smile. They went thru hell together, now .... may they all rest in peace.
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    I honor them every chance I get. Memorial Day I play taps at 5 cemeteries, this past Memorial Day we added a local nursing home to our list. They were extremely excited. I also play at various funerals when my schedule can support it. Unfortunately I will be playing at a funeral this Friday, one I don't really want to do as it is my stepfather's. However I will not allow anyone else to play.

    He and my mother would accompany me on Memorial Day.

    As a side note. There is a organization call "Bugles Across America" that tries to make live bugler available to anyone who requests them. The web site is Bugles Across America > Home if any one needs a bugler. Thanks.

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    The Traveling Wall

    IMG_0700.JPG IMG_0698.JPG IMG_0695.JPG IMG_0694.JPG

    Each flag had the name of someone from Fayetteville.
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