"Minority Report?" Not quite....

"Minority Report?" Not quite....

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Thread: "Minority Report?" Not quite....

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    "Minority Report?" Not quite....

    "Person of Interest?"... Nope....
    More like "Area of Interest"

    Software to predict areas where crime will occur... Supposedly future looking, not just looking at the past... Some success with property crime, now being tested on gun crime....


    Story: http://www.npr.org/2013/07/26/205835...utional-muster

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    Wait! I haven't opened the link yet but let me take a stab at this. I'll try to simulate a future looking machine here:

    Oakland....hang on, go ahead and just add all of the major cities to the list along with all of the "Gun Free" zones.

    Well, how'd I do?
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    Hmmm, wonder if it's good at predicting Craps or Blackjack also?
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    There have been a few write-ups here and there, with interviews of the commanders who've had such software capabilities in for awhile. From what I've read and heard, many like what they see ... within limits of what the stuff can do, versus what folks fear it might do (a la a Minority Report type future).

    "Predictive" is a misnomer, but the stuff's used in some places to help increase coverage in key areas on the increased likelihood based on past experience. Doesn't mean it can say Bob's Diner is gonna get hit at 9:02pm some night three days from now, no, nor anything like that. But this sort of stuff certainly has the potential to identify subtle patterns that might otherwise not be apparent, based on recent trends.

    It'll be interesting to see how it works over the long haul, as more larger cities begin implementing this sort of stuff. At minimum, I'm betting it'll help with workloads and reducing response times (as many already report it does). And, with more cops in a zone at a given time, more frequently, it'll certainly help by providing an elevated deterrent effect over that time.
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    I'd read a little bit about this...it was being used as an example to encourage more people to become mathematicians. I think it has promise. If they can determine statistically that, say, the QuickieMart has a 10% chance of being robbed on Friday nights where the moon is full and the Pirates have won their last three home games, then yeah, it'd make sense to send some police there ahead of time.

    We all know that there are some places and times that are more prone to crime than others, and it would be fantastic if technology like this could correlate the two accurately enough for law enforcement to be able to apprehend the perpetrators before they do any real damage. Statistics are amazing tools, if used correctly.
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